Prohibition, Hot/Crazy Matrix and New Horizons.

Howdy all, unnamed (3)

Good and bad things have happened over the course of the day since my last post.

First off, my brother Josh, whom I have mentioned,  laid his mother to rest today. I know he has been having a hard time with it since he has been with her day in and day out for the last year and a half, taking care of her, and being a bright spot on her life while she was sick.

I know he is going to miss her for the rest of his life but I hope that something new and exciting opens up that he can focus his mind on to help him get past this sad period.

My heart is with him.

ik9LqSXAlso in bad news, I had to deal with my brother having to deal with the HOT/CRAZY matrix at our house last night.

I won’t go into that story too much until it completely unfolds but I was thinking I was going to have to be a character witness in some dumb shit. I did spell it out on SMPForum though.

News from back home in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, there was a massive fire downtown and my brother Jon came close to losing his Tattoo Shop, several businesses and apartments were destroyed.

Also in PB, I am missing out on my brother Sam’s family reunion that Ana, my sister and unnamed (2)family made it to from Dallas. I can’t go due to being broke, cheap and needing to work to get back overseas, but I would certainly love to see everyone.

I decided to work at home yesterday, so I fired up my desktop and tried to figure out how to turn on the hotspot feature on my phone.

You see, we recently got rid of Dish, who our internet was through, in order to get DirecTV, who had a deal for unlimited data for your phones if you had AT&T.

Our plan was to use the hotspots as the internet for our house. The phone told me to call 611… which is apprently the direct line to AT&T. I called them, asked them why I could not get the hotspot feature to work and they promply told me that the hotspot is disabled on your phone if you have the unlimited data plan.

So, in trying to get rid of 3rd world internet at our house… we no longer have internet in our house.


Now on to good things…

I got a message upon waking, from my boss, asking me if I would like to have Saturday off which would give me two days off in a row! This would not have happened this month otherwise, WOOHOO!

May go see Suicide Squad with Eric if he promises to not try to cuddle me during the “scary parts”… I demand to be cuddled throughout the entirety of the movie!

I just realized it is 39 days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Get ready to get your Pirattitude on and look at the website for any Pirate Parties near you!

On the job front, I have acquired the 3rd job and I think I may have acquired a 4th job writing for a guy I met through the SMPForum. We had a long skype talk yesterday and he thinks I will be a good fit for writing for his clients and other projects.

He also thinks Ashlee from Random Ash Thoughts blog may be a good source for a women’s perspective.

I have a few things I have to line out for the third job between it and dispatch but I am pretty excited at the possibility to make more money and heading in the right direction to leave this bitch… though working 7 days a week again isn’t my favorite thought.

I have decided to go all next level on Operation: get rid of all my shit and that I am going to get rid of everything I own with the exception of my motorcycle, guns and books.

As much as it saddens me this will include my ’55 Ford F100 and my 2004 Dodge Ram both of which I love very much. I am hoping that I can get rid of them to family so maybe, if I want or need to, I can get them back.

The deal I am trying to work out with my dad (Oris the Terrible, not Ralph Kramden) is for him to give back the truck he just got. And help me out by sending the money he would be paying for his current truck to me for use of my truck. I would only ask for him to do this for a few months until I can build up some income and boost my savings. My truck is getting old and it is running close to 200000 miles but it runs great and of all the years I have had it, I have had very few problems.

Of course this plan could not take effect until I am just about on the plane to head over to Varanasi or Phuket or wherever I am going first.

At $500 a month, Varanasi is still looking good.

As for my ’55, I am talking to dad (Ralph Kramden not Oris the Terrible) about it because he loves him some olr trucks and although his dream truck is a ’56 Chevy… I think my ’55 Ford would do a good job of filling that void in his life.

If I had any family that were riders, I might let them use the bike while I was gone for a little more funding but my bike is one of a kind, painted by my buddy and tattoo artist Danny Morgan who told me that it was probably going to be the last bike he painted. I would be pretty heartbroken if anything happened to that bike or my family riding it.

unnamed (4)Charlie from Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, South Dakota may be disappointed if something happened to the bike also as she was the muse for the pin-up girl painted on the sides of my gas tank.

In talking to Sambob from Nepal (currently in Kabul, Afghanistan), I apparently have a place to stay when I go to Nepal and he is already in the works of finding me a Nepalese wife, so that sounds fun.

I did something today that I have been thinking about doing for a long time. When it comes to looks, I don’t really like to change much because I worry that I am going to go beyond how goofy I already look and hit a new level.

It has been a while since I was able to make it to my barber so I was starting to look like a dirty, dirty hippy (sorry mom). I generally hit the barber every couple weeks if I can but the effect of me not going for so long allowed me to try a haircut that I have really liked for a long time but never allowed my hair to grow enough to get it… the prohibition hairstyle. My hair is still not quite long enough to make my hair lay down properly without a bunch of Pomade but so far the reactions are pretty good.

Spent a good portion of my day off reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on my day off which is a pretty decent book so far for being originally printed in 1937.

51lZX3DT5FL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I was also looking for a quote from Greg Gutfeld yesterday in reference to moving to Varanasi, India and being Wanderluster’s man servant, which I did not find, unfortunately, but it did make me crack open The Joy of Hate again and do some reading. I love Greg Gutfeld’s books and I really need to work on reading all the ones I have not read yet, he speaks the truth and has a direct line to my funny bone.

If you have never read his stuff or watched his shows on Fox News Channel, please do… he is awesome.

Ramit came out with his program Zero to Launch this week and the sale ends Thursday, unfortunately, the program, which I would love to get, is $200 a month for 12 months for the most basic incarnation. I hope I will be able to afford it next time around.

You will notice that Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy looks a little different, that is because not only did a tribe member from SMP make the suggestions that white with black writing looks better and more professional… Sean Ogle from Location 180 emailed me and said the same thing and as he is currently living the lifestyle I want, I figure two of the same critique in one day is a sign.

I have a ton of email reading to do because I did not get into any of that yesterday so, till next time.









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