The Death of my Oldest Friend.


Howdy Y’all,

Brian Stone was born on 9 Sept 1978 and lived most of his life around Doniphan, MO.

I met him when I was maybe three or so and we have been friends our entire lives.

When I was a kid still living in Texas, one of my favorite things about summer breaks in Missouri was the ability to get to hang out with Brian.

We hung out pretty often until I was in my late teens and a handful of times since becoming an adult.

The last time being a couple years ago floating down Current River.

I was always proud to have Brian as my friend.

I got the news on the 5th of November.

My oldest friend, the guy I have known my entire life was shot and killed.

He was shot on 3 Nov and his sister wrote me a message on Facebook that I woke up to Saturday the 5th.

I asked her how he died and she told me he was shot but did not give me any more information.

I left it at that because I did not want to upset her further.

So I looked online:


A death investigation is underway right now in Ripley County after a man was shot and killed.

According to the Missouri Highway State Highway Patrol, it happened on Thursday.

Preliminary evidence indicates the person that shot the man did it in self-defense.

Ripley County Coroner Mike Jackson said the man died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

He was pronounced dead at 12:45 p.m.

No one is in custody at this time.

Investigators have not released the name of the man that was killed.

The news didn’t give me much more than the sister did except that he was shot in self-defense.

The last time the news article was updated was 4 Nov. I wrote the reporter who wrote the article and have never received an email back.

I just wrote the news agency and they told me to call tomorrow so I may do that.

Since I have not heard from the news agency, I decided to start asking friends that we both had in common to let me know what was going on.

I found one.

They told me that Brian had gotten drunk ( which was not uncommon) and was beating the fuck out of his wife (which from what I hear, unfortunately, was also not uncommmon).

In defense, she shot him in the chest and killed him.


Brian has always been and will always be my friend but I do not abide abuse.

I am proud to call him my friend, I am not proud of his actions, I am, however, proud that his wife took it upon herself to defend her life.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Rest in Peace, brother.



5 thoughts on “The Death of my Oldest Friend.

  1. I don’t know who tf you are but that’s my brother. Before you spew shit that you obviously know nothing about, how about you come to us and actually ask US what the story is?


    1. If you don’t know who I am, clearly you aren’t his sibling… though, I did what I could to not hurt his name as he will always be family to me, I wrote what I was told… tell your story and I will post it also as I would like a better one to tell than what I hope wasn’t true… but let me know where I told an untruth in there


      1. Uh, pretty confident I’m his sibling considering I’m his baby sister.

        Brian was a lot of things but I can promise you Julie Ann isn’t perfect like she wants people to think she is. His death certificate is listed as homicide. Ripley County didn’t charge her because she’s a nark, runs drugs for them and works for one of the biggest drug runners in the county. She had federal drug charges against her and the PA dropped them because she works for him. We were told that by someone, whom I won’t name for her/his own safety, that worked for and with the PA. We have been threatened and told keep our mouthes shut or something will happen to us. I’m exhausted. This is not a simple battered wife gets revenge situation. She was not battered. It’s much deeper than that. Nobody cares about the shady crap going on within that county. I’ve reached out to news stations. Nothing. We’ve went to the Attorney General and we get stonewalled. Guess we’ll have to go higher up.

        My brother was not perfect but he didn’t deserve what that bitch did.


        1. Howdy, you should know me then… I talked to Melissa about this article not long after I wrote it… I took down any reference to it for you guys… I don’t know the chick and I have no doubt she isn’t an angel but the only story I have had was she defended herself and it was hard to write because he is my oldest friend… I’ve known you since you were a baby and the only reason I could write it as I did was that if I had gotten the same story about anyone else who I didn’t grow up with, I would have said the same thing… if it wasn’t self- defense then that bitch should burn… I wrote it objectively based on things I know about Brian and the story I was given… I don’t see how being a small town narc can cover a murder charge


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