All Apologies and what I have been up to and worried about.


My very first Travel Guide

I apologize for the amount I have been slacking lately on here… I wouldn’t want to let all my reader down.

I have been working on several things recently in order to get myself overseas and have honestly slacked a lot on here because I feel like I don’t have a lot to say on the moving front nor have I come up with any new embarrassing stories of bad dates and whatnot.

I have started writing books in order to not only help me have passive income when I move but also, hopefully, to help people out.

The first travel guide I have written came out one month ago today and I am also helping some other people promote their books.

My brother and I have been working on my motorcycle for a trip to Poplar Bluff, Missouri later this month and I have been trying to liquidate almost everything I own through Operation: Sell all my shit for travel money.

Slow Cookers make me happy

I am no longer the owner of Patriot Gun & Outfitters, which kind of bums me out. Patriot Gun & Outfitters also no longer exists, which bums me out more. Even though I wasn’t going to be at the helm, I held hope for longer than I should have that someone was going to fork over the money to buy us out and keep the shop open. Sadly, though we had several interested parties, the only person to come off with any money was the guy who only wanted to buy the inventory. That is unfortunate but it also makes me happy because it is one less thing I have to worry about and also, the pure joy of not working 16 hours a day is pretty amazing. We may reopen on a small scale from the house and possibly sell some things online but it will not have scheduled hours. MOAZ Tee’s has toppled in my mind also, I am just tired of trying to get something going on that front, I feel it was just one more thing I wasted money on that I could have used for more profitable means. The shop was the primary thing that helped me realize what I had always known but never truly acted upon, that all I have ever wanted to do was travel and worrying myself to the point of feeling like I was going to die soon really jumpstarted me into trying to work on a means of income. I am a LONG way from where I want to be but at least I have started trying.

Unfortunately, we did not sell the shop for as much as I was hoping, so my very hopeful plan of skipping out of the states and maybe getting laid before the end of this year kind of died on me. I am however pushing for the goal of being overseas by this time next year and away from the dumb games, enjoying life more.

I have been pushing pretty hard to sell these books and get some quality reviews which is kind of a pain in the ass but I really like doing travel guides, so I hope that this will pay off in the long run. If I can average sales of $1000 per month I can live very well in much of SE Asia and once I am to that point, I can free up my time to work on other projects, I will be able to start building up my monthly income to the point of being able to live in a larger portion of the world (Europe, South America, Central Asia).

Interested since Iraq about HCG

My goal is to spend 6 months to a year in every place I go, so I can really get a lot of useful info into the travel guides, which comes second to the fact that I just really like seeing and experiencing new things.

With this change in plans for my move, I may have to start looking
into a new line of income to help me save for the trip. I like what I do but using it to save money is a near impossibility unless I want to live on ramen noodles and do nothing at all for the next year.

I don’t know what the future holds but I need it to help me get back overseas.

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