I am Chop.

I will try to be as interesting  and entertaining as possible and if we are both lucky, we may both learn something.

And now for my Author bio that tells random things about me:

When it comes to life experience, Chop Snowbeard is an expert in his field. There wasn’t a time when the 36-year-old author didn’t want to travel. Growing up with the influence of watching British comedies with his mother inspired a wanderlust that has forged the pathways of his career.
Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Chop has traveled the world over, including spending four years living overseas. His work history is impressively varied and reflective of his passion for adventure and diversity. Among others, he has worked in the adult industry, oilfields, war zones, personal security, emergency dispatch and has owned several businesses.

Chop has a penchant for pirates, 80’s movies, Irish Punk music, guns, motorcycles, tattoos, old cars and photography. Andrew Zimmern is one of his all-time heroes and his love of food has led him to trying many weird and wonderful dishes around the world that Zimmern has featured along with trying to find new spots to try.

It was, therefore, a natural move for Chop to begin writing travel guides to inspire people to see the world. He is passionate about history and beautiful architecture, encouraging fellow travelers to live like a local and destroy their comfort zones.

Now residing in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, Chop has written “Shanghai China Travel Guide: The Best Attractions, Lodging, Shopping, Eateries, Entertainment and More”, and is currently working on several guides to other cities of the world.

He is also co-working on a book entitled “Native’s Travel Guide to Lake of the Ozarks: Missouri’s Hidden Treasure”, written by Jack Swagger. Amazon reviewers have praised his work for being a well-written wealth of information that is sure to prepare any traveler in their explorations.