37 Days to Zen – Day 14 One Week of Change


One week in the books, and I do feel as if I am in a better mood.

I am still starving most of the time, but have more energy and am not so damn depressed.

Breakfast was three boiled eggs and a Monster, making for an exciting nostril experience all morning.

At least to some French scientists, I am less likely to develop dementia because of mornings like these

Morning meditation was a blend of music designed to touch all seven chakras, and not bad either.

I didn’t feel anything get tickled, but I did feel the calmness wash over me. I will put that on my list of videos to listen to again.

Lunch, another chicken, another taste bud gone. I get what the adage “it tastes like chicken” means now…it tastes like the same old boring thing.

A Diet Mountain Dew might be the new drink of choice, as its the only diet with dew in it. That, and it doesn’t taste like most diet drinks that were engineered from the back

That, and it doesn’t taste like most diet drinks that were engineered from the back sweat of an elephant.

Dinner was a ranch chicken salad from Wally World and a coconut water.

I felt decent enough to do a few push ups and sit ups along with a short walk, with meditation to close out the day and fall asleep to.

I took another sleeping pill, but have been sleeping well even without them the past week.

Change is happening, even if it is slow.

Slow and steady is fine with me this time around.

I know the constant stomach cravings won’t go away with a low carb diet, just need to find ways to curb those pains without downing a box of mashed potatoes and a loaf of bread.

Until tomorrow…show peace and love. If those don’t work, show a larger gun or learn to run like Forrest.

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