I am not built for this much attention

Howdy Y’all,

I hope you have missed me as much as I miss tacos.

My plan for this post is to kind of lead into another post that is based on a 3rd party post that was shared by someone who is one of the reasons for this post…

Be careful, or you shall lose the thread on this tapestry of intrigue.


Recently, on my Bail Bonds Facebook page, my photograph, which has been on that page since day one was discovered.

Please note, not everyone on my page are potential clients… I would say the majority aren’t.

Well, apparently my barber, Tim, takes a better picture of me than even I initially thought because this image being discovered has opened many doors into conversations with multiple women.

Conversations that included marriage proposals that I am not entirely sure were totally joking.

Now let me preface this by saying that I am not a “player” or “fuckboy” or some jive turkey who does side chicks or anything… if I find someone to belong to, I am only for them. I would love to be for just one person, but I do not have high hopes.

I look for any reason I can find to use jive turkey, don’t judge me.

For anyone who keeps up with Chop’s Guide, you may remember my article “The Liberation of Fuck It,” inside which I kind of explained that I see no issues anymore with talking to several women at once because of the mind-boggling amount times I get ghosted.

I see all kinds of memes talking shit about guys and girls who do this but honestly, anymore, I do not see why anyone wouldn’t until they are actually with someone.

Most of my life, I have put all my eggs in one basket, had my heart crushed and had to start all over, sweeping up and gluing back together the pieces of my heart that were dashed against the wall, once again.

Not being singularly focused on the first person who shows interest in me that I also like allows me to suffer to a lesser extent because there are more potential partners who do not completely hate me yet willing to give me some of their time.

Sure, mostly all these people are in Narnia or some shit because for some reason, no one local ever seemed to dig me or on the occasions they do, the feeling was not mutual.

Fuck, has that changed.

Most of the people on that account are local or at least within the confines of Missouri, and due to some weird fluke, I have just become the best thing since sliced bread.

It is fucking stressful.

The reason for this is because some of the women I am finding out about are ones I have admired from afar for a while.

And now I have been asked on dates by more than one.

Yes, I realize I should be the one to ask a girl on a date but I had no idea I had a chance with any of them, and I am not a fan of wasting my own time, especially on getting rejected, so I did not take the opportunity to be.

I do not know if this was partially due to the picture or just a weird as fuck coincidence of timing, but my mind hates me for being so damn pretty now.

You see, I over think everything which may be my most significant detriment to becoming not single, if ever that would happen.

Well, that and the fact that I am honest about talking to more than one woman at a time until I am actually with one.

To clarify, I am still honest… I just do not talk to other women.

But talking to is not dating, and yes I know dating is not called relationshipping for a reason because the idea is to date multiple people.

What is stressful is, up to this point, I genuinely like these ladies and in my overactive mind, I could hurt the feelings of who could be my potential one by seeing the others… If they dig me to the same degree as I do them.

But I do not know which, if any, could be the potential one without seeing the others.

It is also a little stressful to hurt anyone I am talking to otherwise but, Narnia vs. minutes away is kind of no contest.

I hate being a disappointment or wasting anyone’s time as someone who is disappointed by time wasted pretty often but, it happens.

It is odd being simultaneously happy as fuck because these women are fucking amazing and dig me a little for whatever reason but confused and miserable because why all at once?!

99.9% of my life, I get as much attention as a third party presidential candidate… then within the course of a week, I am Don Juan de la Nooch.

Blows my mind.

As always, Like, Share, Comment, Give me advice… whatever.

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