37 Days to Zen – Day 15 Change Day 8 Hungry Nights


I used to eat heavy late at night.

I say used to like it was years ago when in reality it was days and weeks ago.

I wouldn’t have trouble laying down because I just devoured two bowls of spaghetti and three garlic bread slices.

I hurt from consuming three or four times what I should have.

My stomach was ready to burst.

Now, I am laying down with different pains.

She wants more…she always wants more.

They all do, it’s science, not opinion. But enough about Western Women…

Breakfast and lunch fell in line with yesterday.

Eggs and caffeine followed up with a meat only plate of sausage and a Coke Zero.

Hunger pains late morning and late afternoon continue, but its all for the greater good right?

I have been listening to meditation at work more lately.

I have started to cut out radio completely from my life.

No more radio stations, no more CD’s, only a limited amount of music in my life.

Same with television.

If it’s something I have seen a thousand times, I will leave it on.

I am not interested in getting involved in new programming either movie or television.

And seriously Hollywood, you threaten a boycott while coming out with that movie about the Great Wall being the place of some epic cosmic battle for humanity? It seems as if you wouldn’t threaten Americans with one hand while extending complete garbage with the other.

What are you not going to produce now while on strike, Sharknado 9?

Meditation helps with thoughts like that.

Thoughts of the Hollywood elite shoving their agenda down my throat.

I stop thinking of the outside negativity and garbage for at least half an hour.

I have been giving meditation the attention it needs and supplementing that with meditation music while I work.

So go out and meditate in your garden. While watching your kids swing. While watching the sunset. Anything that brings peace to your mind and heart.

Until tomorrow and another threat from Hollywood falling on this deaf ear…


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