Our Place in Line

As always, please comment,  like and share and join the Chop's Guide to the Galaxy Facebook Page! Tell us what you thought about this short story. The grinding sound was getting louder as he walked. Large machinery in the distance chewing something up, and as he continued towards it, he began to feel the Earth below him rumble.

The Foundation Project – Cards for Hope

I'm working on a project that will provide baseball, football, basketball, and history cards to kids in low-income neighborhoods. As a collector, and being around true collectors for most of my life, mail day makes most of us 40 to 60-year-olds feel like kids being handed the keys to the chocolate factory. And that's with … Continue reading The Foundation Project – Cards for Hope

My First Actual Trip to Louisiana

Actually, this was a pretty ghetto Days Inn, and I thought maybe towels and shit would be extra... I later found out that Chris and Heidi had these items, so naturally, I am just the lucky one. I made due, I took the pillow case off of one of the pillows and used it as a wash rag and my blankets made for a good towel.

Zen is Upon Me

Well, not really. I have completed my seven-day intro, continuing my normal day to day routine of eating and lack of movement. I have also completed my 30 days of trying to turn my life around, to include giving meditation a fair shot and some serious time, cutting back on eating every Little Debbie cake … Continue reading Zen is Upon Me

37 Days to Zen – 1 is a Lonely Number

When I wake up in the morning, I will be one day closer than I was a month ago. And with my back feeling much better, I will be one day closer to exercising again. Now that I am a professional reader I have started two books at once. Surfing the Himalaya's by Frederick Lenz … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 1 is a Lonely Number

37 Days to Zen – 2 Left

Two days left until I have my answer. The question: Is it possible for me to find Zen in 30 Days? Unless I bump into some guy named Zen in the corner store in the next few days, I will assume the answer is no. I do feel better though, minus my back from the … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 2 Left