37 Days to Zen – Day 24 Change Day 17 – 13 to Go


I woke up again this morning feeling lighter.

I haven’t been eating late at night, right before bed, or snacking at any time. Only diet sugar-free drinks.

I’m not stuffing my face for every meal; I have been stopping when I start to feel full.

On all meat meals that is hard to do, as I never feel full.

Breakfast was a sausage burrito from McDonald’s, almost a cheat, and a Diet Coke.

I wish they would carry other diet drinks, but who am I kidding, it’s McDonald’s, the king of diabetes.

Lunch was a few ribs from the local diner and a scoop of potato salad, and damn was that good. I washed it all down with a Coke Zero.

Dinner – another salad.

I don’t know if I am craving anything that would blow my diet out of the water or not.

I haven’t thought about pizza until just now typing this out.

It hasn’t bothered me that I haven’t destroyed a bag of donuts in over a month.

My daily meditation has been 7-Chakra-Meditation and will link that when I find it again.

I downloaded it on my iPod so that I could listen to it at work.

It was a free download off of some website and has a picture of a monk staring off into the hills.

I still haven’t had the urge to start working out again, but did do about 50 pushups at work today while waiting on stuff.

I know that’s not much, but I still cranked out 25 at a time and didn’t get winded or cramp up.

Maybe soon I will feel like jogging again, this time with meditation music instead of Saliva and Nickelback.

(Chop’s note: after reading the last line regarding Nickelback, I can no longer be friends with C.E. Madison.)

I have almost cut out mainstream music from my life completely.

Occasionally it will rear its ugly head, usually in a store or gas station.

Other than that, if I have it in my ear, it’s some type of meditation.

Until tomorrow, and another day of you thinking about the buzzards joining their whispering eyes…


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