My very first guest post! Saint Petersburg, Russia – Location Review — Single Man’s Paradise

857908598_171990b206_zHowdy Everyone,

I’m Chop. Skins (along with some other members of the SMP Forum) have been kind enough to ask me to do a location review for my personal favorite city in the world, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I spent 4 years living overseas and coming back to the states is something I regret every day… don’t get me wrong, I love my country but I have a wanderlust that was drilled into me as a child through the medium of British Comedies.

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and currently reside at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri (recently voted the best Lake travel destination in the United States)

St. Petersburg, Russia – Women Rating 5/5

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and home to women who absolutely blow my mind. I have never been to a place where the women, just going to the corner store, dress like they are going out on Saturday night. And the way these girls look dressed up… you will feel a pain in your stomach from falling in love several times a minute.

I have heard several times about how Russian women are the 8th wonder of the world, not only in looks but how they walk on ice, in high heels throughout the winter, with seemingly no issues.

Russia is a somewhat conservative country while at the same time being ok with adult entertainment and in fact, the girls in the adult industry here use it as a good source of income and bettering 857454128_8907d12bd9_zthemselves as a general rule, unlike in the states where very few are actually in college and will blow their whole wad on a fun trip to Walmart and the dealers house after work.

While Russia is somewhat conservative, St. Petersburg is the capital of art for the country, so you meet more open minded people and you will meet more people who speak English here than you will in say, Moscow.

Online dating is not too bad in Russia, and a short search will turn up hundreds of not only dating sites like Russian Cupid but marriage sites as well, part of this is due to the fact that the ratio of girls to guys in Russia is like 8 to 1 and there are a lot of Russian guys who are absolute shitbums, so if you treat the girls well… you shouldn’t have much problem meeting girls. On the flip side, they don’t just hop into bed with you without some effort, but holy fuck, it is worth the effort.

I am not the fittest, prettiest dude by any means and I did pretty well there.

If you don’t want to take the time and effort, there are several websites that will cater to your needs or you can go to the strip clubs and find a nice girl who will let you take her home for a while. It is not cheap… but very few good things in life are.

Speaking of clubs, I seriously suggest you check out Golden Dolls, it is my favori857099007_e90ce8a93c_zte place in St. Pete and it is located right on Nevsky Prospekt, the main thoroughfare of the city.

If Strip clubs aren’t your thing, there are TONS of night clubs and dance clubs (some even become strip clubs after certain hours). Feel free to try your luck finding a pro or freebie and let me know how you do as I am not really a dance club guy. I don’t think clubs have a time they have to close as there were several nights I was in Golden Dolls until 0600.

Not much in St. Pete is cheap and drinks in clubs are about standard if not a bit more for what you would find in the states.

Living like a local and not a tourist always makes things considerably cheaper but that just depends on how long you are there.

I give St. Pete a 5/5 on girls because they are not only beautiful but they aren’t impossible to get… they just require a little effort.

Another great thing about Russian women that the westernized man can bask in the joy of is Russian women, as a general Rule, HATE modern feminism.

Russian women got to experience feminism way back in 1917 during the Russian Revolution and realized that it wasn’t for them.


St. Petersburg, Russia – Cost of Living Rating 3/5

St. Petersburg is a pretty expensive place to live compared to Thailand but if you don’t go nuts, you can do it at a reasonable price.

Genera857489794_34584b3b51_zlly, the places you get will be pretty decent but plan on the stairwells smelling like piss if you don’t have security.

Drunks come to the entrances to get out of the weather and not only sleep there but piss there in their drunken stupors.

If you party constantly and want to pull down pros every night, you are going to spend a fortune but that is the case everywhere you go.

My first trip to St. Petersburg, My brother and I stayed at the Golden Garden Hotel right off Nevsky but in general, after that trip, I try to stay away from hotels. Click here to learn about how I get dirt cheap hotel rooms.

Renting apartments, in my mind are much better because you do not have to deal with front desks ,although the girl at the front desk on my first trip was the girl I was dating on my second trip which was mostly good.

I have never lived there in long term housing but my brother and I paid a857718960_10fbffadde_zbout $90 a night for a nice 2 bedroom apartment on Nevski Prospekt. 
I have heard that you can rent a room for pretty cheap and that long-term housing is reasonable but I have not had the chance to have boots on the ground to be able to confirm.

Not Skins $473 a month reasonable but $1500 or less for a standard not extravagant, not squalor life, decent.

If you are taking Taxis around, you seriously need to learn some Russian because there are two prices for taxis and your price will start at about 300 rubles if you don’t speak the language. If you do speak a bit, the price drops to 25-50 rubles. The cost of living is ok for a western city, maybe even a little cheap based on stay and excitement quotient.



St. Petersburg, Russia – Quality of Life 4/5

The quality of life in Russia, especially the bigger cities is what you will find in most of the western world. You have warm summers that border on hot and bitterly cold winters, both of which I enjoy. St. Petersburg is close to several countries for short trips throughout the year.

Traffic can be pretty bad but rarely are there traffic jams and one of the best things I have ever seen is a Russian Mob/Government convoy. Two SUVs followed by Two sedans followed by two SUVs, all black, snaking through traffic, seeing the Sub-machine guns in hand. Beautiful.

You have a lot of culture in St. Pete and one of the biggest museums in the world, The Winter Palace / The Hermitage. The nightlife is great and the coffee shops are 857826166_ba6f07a77d_zamazing. After nights at Golden Dolls, we would spend the mornings with the girls at the Кофе Хауз (Kofe Hauz)

There is a lot of begging that goes on but generally there is nothing to be afraid of. The Militsiya (милиция – Russian Police) are usually around and I have never been hassled by them.

The food is amazing and you can find all types of food there… even Mexican but personally I would opt for Russian fair… when in Rome, after all.

Go to a Blini stand for some awesome fast food, Teremok is the most popular.

The Metro is amazing, reaches most everywhere in the city and it is unbelievably deep… The deepest being the Admiralteyskaya at almost 394 feet deep (120 meters).

The Quality of life is about standard for what you would find in a western city, I would say even better based on the sites (architectural and female) and history.

I will leave this here but please feel free to ask any questions in the SMP Forum, I will do my best to answer anything you throw at me, even if it requires a bit of research.



Women 5/5

Cost of Living 3/5

Quality of Life 4/5

St. Petersburg, Russia Single Man’s Paradise Rating 12/15

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4 thoughts on “My very first guest post! Saint Petersburg, Russia – Location Review — Single Man’s Paradise

  1. Womens in St.Peterburg have impressed me, amazing. But truth they showed me a little more. Russian colleagues brought me to night strip bar “Zavist” in the city centre. Show , that I saw there , has been the most striking impression of this whole trip for me.

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    1. I’ve also been in “Zavist” strip bar. I was in St. P during winter holidays with a couple of friends . We did’t really have such a plan of russian strip bar discovering.. so, we got there by chance and it’s worth it! Giant jacuzzi, private dancing, I don’t regret about spent money at all!

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