Here we go again…

Howdy y’all,

This article is another in a list of articles I recently deleted from Chop’s Guide and am re-adding.

I wrote this sometime last year, I had one or two more about this all written in that same time period so be on the lookout.


Howdy y’all

I bit the bullet and am going to try to talk to a new girl from A Belarus Bride. I sent the following email and list to Nina and Greg to start the process.


Still working on the pictures of me recently, I look a little different. Still tubby, though I am working on that but no glasses, the beard is shorter and new hair.

I am attaching an excel spreadsheet I have been working on for the last several days.

I went through the whole site again and found girls I liked. It is a long list because I am sure I narrowed myself down based on my new stipulations in the questionnaire and introduction letter, which is absolutely nothing against you guys, I am just private and a year with no info really started to make me feel as if I wasn’t trustworthy enough which bothered me. It would speed up the communication process as a bonus.

This List is scored on a 3 point basis which are in line with my likes… green = 3 points, yellow = 2, red = 1

I then put them all in order based on their score.

I have notes randomly throughout, but I made notes specifically for the top 20 scores of the things I like about them.

I added Anastasia back on this list because until she caused me to feel like I wasn’t trusted, I enjoyed talking to her although she was lower than the top 20 by score.

I am fine with it being someone else.

I do not expect whoever I start talking to to give me their personal contact info immediately and that is fine, but I do not plan on going a year without it again if for no other reason than what if something happens to you guys?

Please also help me with someone who is not afraid of taking pics… I would love to see day to day life in Vitebsk, or her just taking goofy pics for me. It doesn’t have to be every letter (although that would be awesome) but every two or three would be superb.

I appreciate the help, if you could send me back the spreadsheet with who is available to talk and who would be ok with my wishes… I will whittle it down from there.
Thank you 🙂



I know the list is super long, but you have to take into account that if a girl is talking to a guy, they can only talk to that guy so half of this list could currently be unavailable.

I added the stipulation for pics and wish for contact info in the reasonably near future which probably drops me down by quite a bit also.

I then added the want for regular pics which, based on my time talking to Valeta, will hurt my chances with a few of them at least.

The fact that I want to have a means to contact them in the reasonably near future outside of the website owners will probably drop my chances even further.

Finally, some of these girls are hotter than the sun, meanwhile, I look something like what they turned Chet into in the movie Weird Science. This will, I assume, make my list even shorter.

There is the possibility that there is only a handful of this list who would contemplate talking to me.

I hope to find out soon.

The words are kind of hard to read in the pics. If you can not click on the pics to make them bigger, feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know.

2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Chop! Are you seriously using a dating site for Russian bride, based out of Ohio?
    And using algorithms?
    Is this your idea of dating..finding love?
    Take all the things that you think would make your perfect match, and throw out 20% of those attributes, then you might find someone. Key word MIGHT!
    Get out of the house and meet people..haha
    Be friendly, be kind, talk chat with real people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t used it in a long time… I thought about trying it again but nothing came of it… I have a lifetime membership to that place and I have actually met the owners.

      I am all of those things and it doesn’t do me any good… I’ll stick to good old emotional walls and hookers and just travel alone 😉


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