37 Days to Zen – 1 is a Lonely Number

When I wake up in the morning, I will be one day closer than I was a month ago. And with my back feeling much better, I will be one day closer to exercising again. Now that I am a professional reader I have started two books at once. Surfing the Himalaya's by Frederick Lenz … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 1 is a Lonely Number

Parenting: What You’re Doing Wrong. If You’re a Shit Parent.

If your pre-pubescent child is biting you/hitting you/kicking you and rather than punting that little bastard across the room, you call 911, you have failed as a parent and it will never get any better. That kid now knows you have absolutely no power. You should send that kid off to military school or something because that kid is going to grow up to be a piece of shit otherwise. Probably just like you.

My very first guest post! Saint Petersburg, Russia – Location Review — Single Man’s Paradise

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and home to women who absolutely blow my mind. I have never been to a place where the women, just going to the corner store, dress like they are going out on Saturday night. And the way these girls look dressed up… you will feel a pain in your stomach from falling in love several times a minute.