37 Days to Zen – 1 is a Lonely Number

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When I wake up in the morning, I will be one day closer than I was a month ago.

And with my back feeling much better, I will be one day closer to exercising again.

Now that I am a professional reader I have started two books at once. Surfing the Himalaya’s by Frederick Lenz and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King.

That’s how real readers roll you know…

I am seriously interested in both, and that’s an odd yet fun new feeling.

To be honest, I have bought four others that back those up, and can’t wait to crack them open knowing I have ripped through these current two.

I have been writing, as much as I can. In my journal thanks to the power of the pen, and on my computer thanks to the power of my 80 words a minute typing ability.

High School finally paid off…

I am feeling better, not only physically, but about myself.

Almost as if I can tackle any issue, no matter how large they might be. But thinking positive thoughts all the time now, it seems to be bringing positive vibes into my life.

I have started to mend bridges I have burned in the past, and pray for everyone in my life. Praying for true happiness and peace in their lives. Even those that have burned me.

It feels good.

I feel good.

I got a haircut today. That seems like something insignificant, but I love haircuts. I dig my barber and love hearing his stories about his life of sports cars.

But back to haircuts, I love them. My hair grows in like a Chia Pet with the thickness of a rain forest and drives me insane. Now that my sideburns are gone, and my hair is short again, I have one less thing to focus on that is negative, irritating.

I also broke out some of my planting pots.

I love gardening, and love growing food. It’s almost as if plants heal me.

Much like feeding stray dogs, it heals me.

I also help the occasional cat, so don’t start calling me a speciesist. Oh, and I make up words now.

Yet that seems to be spelled correctly, so I might have just missed used it.

After a few month hiatus, I am back to helping others, including those furry friends, through my foundation.

That helps keep me grounded and take things into perspective.

It could always be worse, always.

Some live in Hell on Earth, and we gripe daily about a commute, or food taking too long to be delivered to our tables, or a FaceBook post that we don’t agree with.

Meanwhile, 1 in 5 kids goes to bed hungry nightly in America, if not more.

Not starving, but hungry.

So add helping others to my keychain that now resembles that old grade school janitors.

Meditation this evening is 639 Hz, Healing old Negative Energy.

It’s close to the one last night, but with a constant humming in the background. Still a very calming meditation, and worth a try.

Until tomorrow, and another day on my quest for Zen…

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