37 Days to Zen – The Final Week


A week out of total and complete Zen, and I find myself searching even more.

Searching for wisdom.

Searching for peace.

Searching for knowledge.

Searching for total Zen.

I woke up this morning and downed a few pieces of sausage for breakfast, washing it down with some ice cold orange juice.

Lunch was a cheat, but it was a new brick oven pizza place in town.

I drank three glasses of water while downing a personal size pizza, much better than anything Domino’s or Papa John’s could put in front of me.

Dinner was Chinese, well, half of a chicken and broccoli plate, with a diet coke to wash it down.

Still no snacking during the day, which is surprising because I have snacked all my life including the year and a half I was hardcore on a diet.

I am reading now.

Reading a lot actually.

That is very unusual for me, but it seems to be taking my mind off of some standard day to day stresses.

Prey by Michael Crichton is still the flavor of the day, and even though I am only half way through after a few weeks, my mind is stuck on the story.

It is a great story.

Maybe not The Neverending Story, but still a great story none the less. If you are like me, reading is hard to get into.

I usually get bored by the end of the first chapter, so finding something to get into is often difficult.

But with this book, I can see what the reading fuss is all about with those people that would rather read than breathe or eat.

I am meditating.

As much as possible.

I am writing.

As much as possible.

I will continue, as it helps ease the pains in my head.

Until tomorrow, and another few chapters in my new book…


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