This is Late and I Blame Kyle.

Howdy Y’all,

I skipped several weeks trivia questions and answers to get up to date so the following will be the questions from this week.

Round one was visual, and round three was audio, and Kyle did not think I could do those, so he only sent me round two…

He is correct that I can not do round three unless there is a way I am not sure of but I can give you round One and Two.

But it took a little longer to get the pics hence Friday post rather than Wednesday.

So without further adieu…

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Round 1. Celebrity Faces (10 Points Per Question)

1. C1

2. C2

3. C3

4. C4

5. C5

6. C6

7. C7

8. C8

9. C9

10. C10

11. C11

12. C12

Round 2. Capitals and States/States and Capitals (20 Points per question)

1. Columbia

2. St. Paul

3. Montgomery

4. Hartford

5. Helena

6. Dover

7. Alaska

8. New Mexico

9. Oregon

10. Kentucky

11. Utah

12. Washington

Round 3. Name That Tune (I do not know how to add partial Audio Files on here… sorry)

Please comment with your score!

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Round 1 Answers:

1. Bob Hope

2. Ray Charles

3. Jimi Hendrix

4. John Lennon

5. Adam Sandler

6. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

7. Ben Stein

8. Heidi Montag

9. Drew Carey

10. Clint Beastwood

11. Cindy Crawford

12. Chuck Norris

Round 2 Answers:

1. South Carolina

2. Minnesota

3. Alabama

4. Connecticut

5. Montana

6. Delaware

7. Juneau

8. Santa Fe

9. Salem

10. Frankfort

11. Sale Lake City

12. Olympia

Be sure to hit up Kyle for all of your DJ needs around Lake of the Ozarks.

Kyle Miller
Inside Out Entertainment

Facebook: djkylem

SnapChat: DJKyle99



And if you are at the lake, come in on Tuesdays @ 1900 for trivia @ Kilt and Clover Irish Restaurant and Pub

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