The Polls are in! We are all Screwed!

Howdy y’all,
I have decided to not only let everyone in the world know who I am voting for but I am putting the ballot for my address in Miller County, Missouri out for everyone to see.
The reason I am doing all of this is to hopefully educate every Missourian on some candidates they did not know ab0ut on the state level and everyone in the world on some candidates they did not know about on the Federal level.
I really hope you share every Chop’s Guide you read on your social media because it helps me reach all the corners of the world but this one could be the most important post I have ever written (so far) and I ask you to please share it, no matter where you are from.
If you are from Missouri and reading this, it counts double for you… you may not have the same Commissioner, Assessor or Sheriff but please learn more about people running for state level positions and PLEASE share this post.
I crossed through those I will not be voting for and I gave reasons for every single one of them. I also linked to each of their websites (if they had one and in the case of the Green Party, even if they didn’t) so you can do your own research if you would like.
Also, If you are a fan of Breadline Bernie The Economic Illiterate Sanders but you hate Hillary, I implore you, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN BERNIE!
The reason I ask this is because some states count a vote for a sellout such as Bernie for the person he sold out to, so you would literally be voting for Killary. The same thing would happen if you wrote in one of the people Trump beat without rigging the election.
Bernie won and Hillary stole it, do not help her more by trying to stay loyal to the sellout.
I say again, your vote will actually go to Hillary Clinton is you write in Bernie… it is none of that a vote for Bernie is a vote for trump bullshit, I want people to vote for their conscience but unless it is your conscience vote for Killary, do not vote for Bernie!
NOVEMBER 08, 2016


Federal – U.S. President and Vice President

pence-and-trumpDonald J. Trump, Michael R. PenceRepublican, if I was going to vote for the lesser of two evils, Trump would have my vote. If Trump did most of the things he said, he may be ok but he is still far too pro-government for me. Trump is the first Candidate that isn’t a democrat with a donation page before the main page, disappointing. Trump only has 14 issues on his site but he goes into a bit of detail and talks about how his position differs from Killary’s. I am guessing VP’s do not have websites

20160707_122741_0Gary Johnson, Bill WeldLibertarian, I love the Libertarian Party but I think out of the three possible candidates they had, they picked the worst one and then he chose Bill Weld, a closet statist. Pretty much completely turned me off them, though if it was a vote for the lesser of three evils, they would have my vote. I guess it is a Presidential/all Democrat candidate thing to have a donation page before the main page, Johnson has one as his main page. Johnson has 15 issues. Decent views but fuck, I hate Weld. Weld looks a little bit like that Aryan bastard from Lethal Weapon II.

cmxk5eowyaejvvsDarrell L. Castle, Scott N. BradleyConstitution, If I am voting with my conscience, my vote has to go to Darrell Castle. And I am going to vote with my conscience. Everyone needs to, I am still ashamed that I voted for McCain and later, Romney. I hated them both but I thought I needed to vote for the lesser of two evils. I would have hated them being in office almost as much as I hate Obamao. Darrell Castle does not have a donation page before the main page. Castle only has 9 issues on his page but they are all videos and are all pretty good length. he also has a platform section that goes even farther into where he stands including leaving the UN and Ending the FED and Agenda 21.

jill_and_ajamuJill Stein, Ajamu BarakaGreen, She is a Marxist Lunatic but she has some good burns, Marx was a moron. Hey, a Green Party Candidate with their own website! and it has a donation link at the top but it isnt the whole front page. She thinks the world should be slaves to other people and everyone should get your labors for free. EVERYTHING IS A RIGHT!… morons

Federal – U.S. Senator


418_lgRoy BluntRepublican, I wouldn’t vote for Roy Blunt because his website doesn’t have ANY FUCKING ISSUES ON IT! there is a twitter spot that talks shit about Kander and though it is probably true and Kander would suck Hillary’s dick on everything. Still want to know exactly where a candidate stands, people voting for Roy Blunt are voting for the letter R rather than a D, that is it.

121014_dine_ap_605Jonathan DineLibertarian, I really like Jonathan Dine, Apart from a few grammatical errors on his website, I like everything he stands for.Individual Freedom. I can not completely get behind a non-interventionist mindset because I know a lot of Iraqis who were happy we were there and they weren’t being killed in the night. I know of mass graves that Saddam had buried thousands of people he tested gasses out on. Part of the reason WWII lasted as long as it did is, in part, because we didn’t spank Adolf early on like the angry art school failure he was.

fredrymanFred RymanConstitution, If you have been reading Chop’s Guide for any amount of time then you know how I feel about Fred Ryman, he is absolutely superb and he sports a sweet goatee. It is a hard choice between him and Jonathan Dine. The reason Fred wins me over is because Jonathan lists nine separate issues we face and has VERY good solutions for them, Fred cover 15 major issues that we face and his solutions for them are also spectacular. With any candidate, there is never going to be someone I am on board with 100% but Fred’s site, though basic, packs a lot of good information on his beliefs and solutions to problems facing us.

636102493291032502-10433104-967918649899971-3395328200188388049-nJohnathan McFarlandGreen, McFarland does not even have a website and the Green Part of Missouri site doesn’t really show where he stands one anything. He is, however, with the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) out of St. Louis. While I was still in Iraq, there was a story about several SEIU members beating up Kenny Gladney for handing out “Don’t Tread on Me” (Gadsden) Flags as a Russ Carnahan Town Hall in St. Louis not long after Obamao was elected the first time. That tells me enough about McFarland.

Miller – Sheriff

State of Missouri – Governor

ericformalcompressed-255x300Eric GreitensRepublican, He makes some good points on his site about his view, but he offers little blurbs where he has the ability to go in depth. He was who I voted for in the primary and I do not think he would be a bad Governor, certainly better thab Koster but I think our next choice would be better still.


c_spragins_380x480Cisse W SpraginsLibertarian, I am reading her site, I like a lot of the things she says, the crime profiling is turning me off… that is why we have the TSA groping 5-year-olds. But she does make up for it in other areas. I do not know how I feel about the Proportional Representation idea… especially if we had 60% liberals. She only has 5 issues listed on her site, so it is kind of disappointing but she does have her head in the right spot and they are more than just blurbs.

hqdefaultDon FitzGreen, Apparently having a website isn’t environmentally conscious enough because none of the Green party seem to have one, this fruit loop likes social justice, Single Payer Healthcare and is Anti-Gun… I wish he would move to another state. Also wants “free education”

about-indexLester Benton (Les) Turilli, Jr.Independent, Les has some good points and some bad ones, He would get my vote if neither Greitens or Spragins were running. He does go into a lot of issues but doesn’t go into them far enough and he kind of talks about 2A being for hunting or at least that is how I took it. I do like that he goes into Foster Parenting and some other things most others didn’t but, too much I disliked.

Miller – Assessor

State of Missouri – Lieutenant Governor

hqdefaultMike ParsonRepublican, His issues are 5 blurbs… I understand more why we have such low information voters. Wouldn’t vote for him because of this… these blurbs are starting to piss me off.


shedrick-166x208Steven R. HedrickLibertarian, His site is pretty much all burbs but at least there are a shit ton of them. He could do better but I think he will have my vote. Certainly the lesser of the evils because there is very little detail but he has some good ideas. Forgive his High School Picture, he really does have some good stances.


jennifer-leachJennifer LeachGreen, This moonbat found a spot in the Green party after the Statist party moved too far to the right for her… I am sure she would make a superb leader… just WOW. All aboard the Nope Train. Also, seriously… what the fuck is the deal with no websites?!

Miller – Public Administrator 

Theresa Irene Lupardus, Republican, Sold… I guess

State of Missouri – Secretary of State



jay_ashcroftJohn (Jay) AshcroftRepublican, Not a great website but at least gives some stances on a few things that a Sectretary of State may face


morrill-lpmo-03192016-smallerChris MorrillLibertarian, Actually touched in a lot of good issues on his page, he has my Vote. I also dig the shit out of that tie.

Miller – Coroner

State of Missouri – State Treasurer



schmittEric SchmittRepublican, He has an initiative to stop tax dollar from going to companies working with Terrorist sponsoring countries (most Iran), It is a cool Idea but tax dollars shouldn’t go to companies in the first place. Some decent plans but the tax money thing irked me off, taxes are stolen to be invested in companies


580151a66057f-imageSean O’TooleLibertarian, He wants to repeal the income tax. SOLD.




580151a640d76-imageCarol HexemGreen, The one green party candidate with a website and it sucks moose cocks, It had more Jill Stein on there than Hexem… She is like 80 with a 14-year-old son… or that kid aged the fuck out of her… she is for raising the minimum wage and back door free schooling… negative.

Miller – Surveyor

State of Missouri – Attorney General



josh-hawley-for-missouri-attorney-generalJosh HawleyRepublican, Mentions 2A, that is enough.

US Representative District 3 – U.S. Representative – District 3




220px-blaine_luetkemeyerBlaine LuetkemeyerRepublican, Per Vote Smart he was given a 59% rating by the council of La Raza, I am not liking this guy, Fuck La Raza, he has some decent votes in office but… pass.



dan_hoganDan Hogan, Libertarian, He completed the Political Courage Test on Project Vote Smart, He had good answers and was at the very least not as disappointing as Doanita Simmons.



169118_lgDoanita SimmonsConstitution, She completed the Political Courage Test on Project Vote Smart, She had some good answers but she likes her taxes too much, wanted to increase spending on almost everything, maintain a few, lower even fewer and only wanted to eliminate one, income tax on low class families while increasing on upper class, the way it looks to me, she is not a Constitutional Candidate if she is not for removing income tax altogether and her view on guns is not a Constitutional view, “I support the legislation that requires a license to carry and the requirement to purchase firearms but I do not support a ban on firearms”.

State House District 124 – State Representative – District 124

Circuit Court Circuit 26 – Circuit Judge – Circuit 26 Division 2

Shall Judge Richard B. Teitelman of the Missouri Supreme Court be retained in office?

No, Though he has accomplished a lot being the first legally blind justice in Missouri, we have a potential of having one of the worst people in history as our first female president, we don’t need more Liberal thinking in positions of power just in case Missouri needs to strike down some rulings of executive orders.

Constitutional Amendment 1


No, Missouri and every person in this country need to pay less in taxes period but more of the taxes we do pay should go to state and more local rather than so much in Federal. If we did this, the state of Missouri would not longer have to steal another .5% from its residents.

Constitutional Amendment 2

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to: •establish limits on campaign contributions by individuals or entities to political parties, political committees, or committees to elect candidates for state or judicial office; •prohibit individuals and entities from intentionally concealing the source of such contributions; •require corporations or labor organizations to meet certain requirements in order to make such contributions; and •provide a complaint process and penalties for any violations of this amendment? It is estimated this proposal will increase state government costs by at least $118,000 annually and have an unknown change in costs for local governmental entities. Any potential impact to revenues for state and local governmental entities is unknown.
Yes, I do not like how this is written, personally, I could give a fuck less what people do with their money, I think it is an entity donating they should make it known that they donate to a certain party just so it is easier for me to not buy their shit. I vote yes on this simply because of everything else in the Amendment but as for the individual, give every bit of your money to your shitty candidate, moron.



Constitutional Amendment 3

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to: •increase taxes on cigarettes each year through 2020, at which point this additional tax will total 60 cents per pack of 20; •create a fee paid by cigarette wholesalers of 67 cents per pack of 20 on certain cigarettes, which fee shall increase annually; and •deposit funds generated by these taxes and fees into a newly established Early Childhood Health and Education Trust Fund? When cigarette tax increases are fully implemented, estimated additional revenue to state government is $263 million to $374 million annually, with limited estimated implementation costs. The revenue will fund only programs and services allowed by the proposal. The fiscal impact to local governmental entities is unknown.
 No, We pay plenty in taxes, thanks. I have never even tried a cigarette, for the record. Also, that trust fund will be stolen from in a matter of minutes after receiving the first payment and it will also be yet another source of government excess spending.

Constitutional Amendment 4

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to prohibit a new state or local sales/use or other similar tax on any service or transaction that was not subject to a sales/use or similar tax as of January 1, 2015? Potential costs to state and local governmental entities are unknown but could be significant. The proposal’s passage would impact governmental entity’s ability to revise their tax structures. State and local governments expect no savings from this proposal.
Yes, Anything that hinders that gaggle of bastards from raising taxes is always a good thing


Constitutional Amendment 6

Shall the Constitution of Missouri be amended to state that voters may be required by law, which may be subject to exception, to verify one’s identity, citizenship, and residence by presenting identification that may include valid government-issued photo identification? The proposed amendment will result in no costs or savings because any potential costs would be due to the enactment of a general law allowed by this proposal. If such a general law is enacted, the potential costs to state and local governments are unknown but could exceed $2.1 million annually.


Yes, “that voters may be required by law, which may be subject to exception”… WHAT?! Must be required with no exceptions sounds much better. What kind of bullshit wording it this… what are the exceptions?


Proposition A

Shall Missouri law be amended to: •increase taxes on cigarettes in 2017, 2019, and 2021, at which point this additional tax will total 23 cents per pack of 20; •increase the tax paid by sellers on other tobacco products by 5 percent of manufacturer’s invoice price; •use funds generated by these taxes exclusively to fund transportation infrastructure projects; and •repeal these taxes if a measure to increase any tax or fee on cigarettes or other tobacco products is certified to appear on any local or statewide ballot? State government revenue will increase by approximately $95 million to $103 million annually when cigarette and tobacco tax increases are fully implemented, with the new revenue earmarked for transportation infrastructure. Local government revenues could decrease approximately $3 million annually due to decreased cigarette and tobacco sales.


No, Another Cigarette Tax?! Maybe let’s go to a sales tax and everyone will pay all of their taxes owed rather than trying to nickel and dime smokers. Again, I have never tried a cigarette.

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