The Death of my Oldest Friend.

When I was a kid still living in Texas, one of my favorite things about summer breaks in Missouri was the ability to get to hang out with Brian. We hung out pretty often until I was in my late teens and a handful of times since becoming an adult. The last time being a couple years ago floating down Current River. I was always proud to have Brian as my friend.

The Polls are in! We are all Screwed!

I really hope you share every Chop's Guide you read on your social media because it helps me reach all the corners of the world but this one could be the most important post I have ever written (so far) and I ask you to please share it, no matter where you are from. If you are from Missouri and reading this, it counts double for you... you may not have the same Commissioner, Assessor or Sheriff but please learn more about people running for state level positions and PLEASE share this post.

White Slavery

I asked her to name one good thing about Killary which would make her perceive that she wasn’t possibly the worst person in history and she said that Killary is persistent. Based on that logic, rapists are just persistent, Hitler was showing off all kinds of persistence. Persistence does not make you good, persistence in the right avenues can make you good, watch Rudy if you want to see quality persistence. The Clintons, in general, have only been persistent about four things since the came on the scene. Killing anyone who gets in their way Lying fucking endlessly Stealing shit (no, really, they were forced to give back a TON of shit they stole from the White house) Seeking power over peasants

Jump Around for the New Rape Whistle

The reason I mention this business and it does interest me is because my nephew is one of the first employees at this establishment of bounce and as much as I love him, I think this mention will embarrass him. As the proper uncle that I am, embarrassing my nephew is one of my great joys in life.

Chop for President!: All the time and hard work I put in just to get Assassinated.

Welcome to election season. Hate is in the air, and I am as guilty as everyone else. I am perpetually disgusted by politicians and, in general, I think we as a people can do much better. Barack Obamao  is an embarrassment and a failure at almost everything he does. Well, I am sure that he … Continue reading Chop for President!: All the time and hard work I put in just to get Assassinated.