Shave and a Hair Cut. New Job

Cedric-the-Entertainer-Eddie-BarbershopHowdy all,

Today, after doing a piss test, I got concrete evidence that I picked up the third job. I had to wake up at 1500 to get to the meeting by 1600 and I was cutting it close due to a wreck and construction work on the way.

In receiving this information, this weekend, I will have to trim the beard.

Sad Times.

After my meeting and peeing, I went shopping for some food for work. I am trying to reduce my spending and waist size by grocery shopping rather than eating out every meal of every day. I got a bunch of those Cafe Steamers, Low calorie and not too horrible, thankfully.

Ashlee from Random Ash Thoughts told me about a Barber Shop on the strip at Lake of the Ozarks who, she says, is not only superb but also sells beard oil.

It is called Lake Ozark Barber Co.

So, in my galavanting around the lake, not in need of a haircut but in terrible need for some beard oil, I decided to stop by and check it out.

First thing I notice: The parking spots are tiny and my truck is on both lines… so I show up worrying that I am going to get towed… but not too worried because I do not plan on spending much time in there.

Walk in the door and one of my buddies on the Missouri State Highway Patrol and his wife are in there in line for him to get a haircut.

I do not see this particular member of the law enforcement community very often and he is a good dude so the Barber shop’s brownie points not only are going up for me but I realize that I will be spending more time here than I had originally planned and I hope all my frozen food doesn’t thaw, spoil and kill me.

lsI have a seat and talk to the two of them for a bit and end up talking to Tim, the owner of this beautifying establishment.

I ask Tim if he has any beard oil and true to my luck, he tells me he is out.

I ask him what kinds he has and he can not remember all of the scents the company he carries has but he promises that if I will text him, he will send me a list of them which is pretty snazzy of him.

I never realize before but my MSHP honkey has the same prohibition type haircut that I have. I also notice that Tim takes the hair a little shorter on the back and sides than my guy, I mention it and let him know I wish my normal barber got my hair shorter and Tim has me come feel the back of my buddy’s head, so naturally I needed to make it awkward by letting everyone in the room know that my sex life just jumped up a few notches.


Awkward sometimes makes me laugh…

Hung out for a bit longer and through the conversation, Tim offers to give me a little of the Pomade he carries so I can try it and to also tried line my hair up for free after he and my buddy told me a trick to have this haircut be a little less maintenance.

The guy is awesome, Pro-Gun and pretty funny… I may have to start going to this shop.

Makes me feel like I am cheating on my current barber and that bothers me… but this guy can make my head feel like sandpaper… which is a bonus for me. And honestly, I really dug the conversation and how kind this guy was.

Felt like home.

I hung out so long that I was running late. I still needed to run home to get into my dispatch attire… shorts and flip flops.

Like they say, dress for the job you want and I want to live overseas, working online.

Again, don’t judge me… My boss keeps it hot as balls in there and not only do I use a fan but I have started dressing like it is a day at the beach because my balls should not sweat when I am sitting at a computer.

On my way to work, I talked to my boss for my 4th job, the writing job.

He wanted to call and let me know that he may have found some more work for me writing through his SEO guys in Romania.

He said he feels like my agent.

transylvania1_2379981a-largeI would LOVE to go to Romania, it is fairly inexpensive ( though more expensive than Bulgaria) and it has superb internet access to be able to do work.


And the girls are hot.


So I may soon have to start turning away work… which blows my mind that even though I only have like 2 people that read this thing regularly and only a handful that have bought my books someone thinks I may be a decent enough writer to actually be able to work for them… and they give me monetary units for said work… crazy.

Makes me want to call my high school Engrish teacher.

I got to work today and had to blast off an email to my boss letting her know about my new job situation and how being a dispatcher, very soon, will not be my primary job,  mostly due to money and schedule, it went as follows:

Howdy (insert boss name here),

Let me begin this letter by saying that I absolutely do not want to leave dispatch and have no intentions of doing so.

With that being said, as you know, I have been working towards moving back overseas sometime in the future as soon as I can save the money and learn enough do be able to do so.

I have realized that in order to get ahead at all, which I am not doing right now, I need a second job. To be able to do this, I can not have Dispatch as my primary job because the schedule changes so much it makes being able to do anything else regularly impossible.

I applied for a job with a set schedule and I got it. I want to stay with dispatch for the days I do not work there… so I hope that you will keep me on and let me work part time 36 hours a week.

My Schedule would allow me to be here on the weekends, Thurs, Fri and Sat from 1900-0700 getting off work Sunday morning.

The schedule there starts 22 Aug but I also need off Wed – Friday next week for Training.

If you need me to, I can work this weekend to sort out the schedule in order to be able to get off next week.

I am absolutely not quitting and I hope you will let me stay, I just have a goal I am trying to reach and it seems like not only am I not getting closer, I am falling farther away from it and working both the other Job and Dispatch is the only way I can see to attain the ability for me realizing my dream.

My schedule there will be from 0000-0800 starting Monday Morning – Thursday Morning and though I would not be able to do it often, I could also come in to help from 1900-2300 on occasion on those days.

I know we are short handed and I apologize, I had started this process prior to us becoming so short handed and just found out that I had the job and about the training earlier this afternoon.

Thank you for being understanding,


4809333I asked her several times to let me stay and made the fact that I am not quitting the first line because, though mostly a nice person, my boss has a tendency to lose her shit and have knee-jerk reactions to things that aren’t even bad news… so I was trying to ease her into this because gaining one job while losing the other doesn’t get me any closer to where I need to be than I am now.

And I like the job and the people I work with.

Hell, if I don’t have to work this weekend and Eric and I go to see Suicide Squad, I may be able to talk him into more than a cuddle… (blowie!). THAT is a quality co-worker.

The new job pays better but I get fewer hours so it kind of evens out.

Today has been pretty hectic till now (0100 12 Aug) so outside of everything I have mentioned, I haven’t been able to accomplish much along the lines of learning new and useful information related to the move.

About to get into some emails if it stays quiet.

I did join Goodreads yesterday which is a pretty cool site and if the widgets work on here you will be able to see, somewhat in real time, what I am reading.

Did you know Cedric the Entertainer was born in Jefferson City, Missouri?






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