Unknown Equations


Howdy Y’all,

I had a plan for this post, and it was probably going to get me disliked by a bunch of women.

unnamed (27)My plan was to discuss how flaky women are and how it seems lately that talking to just one of them at a time is essentially a waste of your efforts, at least in my experience.

The reason I was going to post about this is because I saw a bunch of women complaining about guys doing this and I explained to them why I did it and why it is a necessity these days.

Now, let me say here that I am not some player who fucks tons of chicks at the same time… the last time I got laid, Russia was fighting the Battle of Stalingrad.

Hell, the last time I had a lovely lass sit on my beard, The Siege of Masada was still going on.

Like I said, I am not really some douchebag… I am just jaded through experience.

Once I am actually with someone, I am with them, but up to that point, they could bail on me at any time, and I looked at it as such.unnamed (25)

Why be crushed and have to start all over from square one when you can just be mildly inconvenienced and saddened?

That was how this post was going to go.

Until her.

I do not mind talking about past bad experiences with women here on Chop’s Guide or anywhere really but talking about current good ones has always been something that I just rarely did for fear of jinxing a possible good thing… though I guess they were always jinxed anyway.

We are testing some new waters today.


Until her, my mindset was to not get too close and don’t worry so much about talking to a couple girls at once because odds are they will all fall away for one reason or another be it my fault or theirs, or we just drift apart.

At my core, I am a traditional, monogamous person, so it is hard for me talking to more than one person at a time even if we are not anything official.

I feel underunnamed (26)handed even though, odds are, they are doing the same… it is how dating used to go… that’s why it is called dating and not relationshipping.

But then she called me out of the blue.

We had barely ever spoken before, even though we have been “friends” for a couple years.

I had always liked her but never had the real conscious thought to pursue her before my phone rang.

Fuck me did that change.

We now spend as much time as possible together.

This girl knocked the wind out of my sails, or I guess you could say she became the wind in my sails.

It is hard to even explain.

She is gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet, traditional, has a huge heart and consistently makes me feel wanted and important.unnamed (24)

It was hard as fuck to remain distant from her in order to protect myself… so, I stopped trying, and unlike all the other times I have done this previously, this plan of attack is working.

Well, that and the fact that this gorgeous, narcoleptic, chubby-chaser thinks that my words are smoother than the cream cheese on your morning bagel.

I may just have found that travel partner my mom hoped I would belong to one day.


Just because things changed for me does not mean you should let them change for you…

I would say 80% of westernized women and men are barely worth talking to and do not deserve your undivided attention.

Do not allow yourselves to spend all of your time reinventing the wheel every time you get dropped unless you truly belong to that person and vice versa.

Chances are, your time is more valuable than that.


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