Why don’t you like (insert westernized country here) women?



Howdy y’all,

My boy Flashman over at the SMP Forum posted the following and I thought about using it to base a post on but decided against it.

Then something that happened today when I woke that made me rethink my decision.

The post could probably be a whole series, but…

Flashman’s Post:

All Asian girls on my trip asked me “why don’t you like British women?”

It seems British women are asking exactly the same question: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/24/lads-britain-needs-you-to-do-your-duty-and-get-flirting/

The author of the piece points out that British men are persistently ignoring ‘women’ as she calls it, and is imploring men to make more effort.

It seriously never occurs to the author that it’s not women that British men don’t like anymore its BRITISH WOMEN they don’t like.

Decades of aggressively asserting their ‘rights’ at the same aggressively demanding men must honour responsibilities (But never – ever, the other way around of course), has created a batch of women so self-conceited and entitled that they find it literally unthinkable that the fact men avoid them [has] anything to do with them.

As I explained to all those Asian girls who asked me this question, I told them that all of my mates, who are all successful handsome dudes, all choose foreign-born women over British women, with a single exception. And guess what…. The day after I get back from my trip that mate of mine with a British wife rang me up to tell me that he is planning to get divorced from his thankless, sexless marriage. He’s found a 24yo Czech girl instead who actually remembers to be feminine and respects him at the same time.

It seems that British women cannot learn from their own self-inflicted butthurt.


Now, what happened to me today does not directly fall in line with his post and, of course, mine will be American Girls rather than British ones.

I have been asked this question several times over the course of the last several years letting people know that I want to travel and the fact that I look overseas for female companionship rather than locally.

unnamed (1)What happened to me today is something that can be used as an answer for while I tend to lean towards girls who aren’t American or at least as much modern westernized women.

Today I woke up at around 1730 and the very first thing I saw was a text from a girl I considered a friend named Kassie.

Her text read:

“Hey I need to speak to u please call me sap”

I wondered for a moment why she wanted me to call her sap, but I digress.

I did not call her A-SAP.

You see, I know the only reason she is trying to get me to call her is because she wants me to do something for her and the last time she made any attempt to contact me was right after the last time I did something for her and her roommate Kyla.

So, I waited until right before I hopped in the shower to get ready for work and texted her back:

“getting in the shower, what’s up?”

and I proceeded to get ready for work.

Right before I left the house I noticed that both Kassie and Kyla called me while I was getting ready.

The last time I helped Kassie and Kyla they were moving into their new place together in Columbia and I gave Kassie a ride to meet Kyla.

I enjoyed seeing and hanging out with them both and Kyla was someone I had a little bit of interest in.

She is cute, actually, both of them are cute.

I figured I knew I was just where I stood and both of these girls proved it to me with the lack of communication.

None more so than Kyla when she wrote me how stressed she was about money and just didn’t feel like talking a few days after I helped them.

You see, Kyla has her phone attached to her hands 24 hours a day so I knew what she was trying to say was that she just didn’t want to talk to me.

I understand, I am not pretty and am nice enough to just keep on a back burner, I have dealt with that my whole life.

It is the modus operandi of your modern westernized woman.

unnamed (2)Now, let me admit, I am not the best person at communicating, ask my entire family about when I was in Iraq and they would never hear from me unless they called.

I am sure I have accidentally made people feel the same way throughout my life and I am sorry, but it wasn’t intentional.

As much as I am dicking around on my phone nowadays, I really don’t talk on it much.

So, back to the story.

I decide to call Kassie back after I am on my way to work, she doesn’t answer.

I call Kyla, she says, “Hi, please call Kassie’s phone right back, she needs to talk to you, it’s super important!”

I say ok and we hang up, no how have you been, nothing.

I call Kassie again, she answers.

I say “Howdy”.

She say’s “Are you headed to work right now?”

I say “yes”

She says “Nevermind then, bye”

She hangs up on me before I can say anything.

I texted her: I find out that you didn’t lose my number and that’s all I get?

No reply

I texted Kyla: I guess it wasn’t that important.

No reply

Back Burner, American Head Game Bullshit.

Shit like this is why I try to keep away from locals.

There are decent girls everywhere but the amount of bullshit one has to go through to find one here barely makes it worth the effort.

unnamedI have got to get the fuck out of here, may still be alone but there is less bullshit like this.

Let’s see how long it’ll be before they need something again and I hear from them.

In answer to any foreign girl who asks why don’t you like (insert westernized country here) girls?

This is a perfect example.

Even better, I just saw Kyla posted a pic with some dude on Facebook, wonder why that cunt couldn’t help.

I just found this site while looking for memes for this post. I love it already.

I found this video on it. From this post.

Why don’t I try harder for American girls?

Also, “Flashman” is in reference to the awesome Flashman book series you should all read. Written by George MacDonald Fraser.




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