37 Days to Zen – 5 to Go

I remember a month ago I was typing out however many days to death. Or days to a heart attack, or stroke. I do feel better. I know I have said that over and over the last week's worth of posts, but I do. I am calmer. I am a little happier. Maybe not even … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 5 to Go

Why don’t you like (insert westernized country here) women?

I understand, I am not pretty and am nice enough to just keep on a back burner, I have dealt with that my whole life. It is the modus operandi of your modern westernized woman. Now, let me admit, I am not the best person at communicating, ask my entire family about when I was in Iraq and they would never hear from me unless they called. I am sure I have accidentally made people feel the same way throughout my life and I am sorry, but it wasn't intentional. As much as I am dicking around on my phone nowadays, I really don't talk on it much.