I Voted! And Feel Violated… My Apology to Fred Ryman

I voted yesterday, after work.7e335ecbec26cf27f86ac83e4a144ee0

I walked into the polling area looking like a slouch in shorts and flip flops but my winning smile won over the little old ladies who were working the ballots after my tattoos had made them think I was a shit-bum.

I walked in there with my cheat sheet I had made over the last couple days, of candidates I wished to vote for, ready to drop some Constitutional Republic in that bitch.

I went in there with the hope that I would be able to utilize the Constitutional Party Ballot, The Libertarian Party Ballot and the Republican Party Ballot in order to make all the votes for the primary that I was hoping to make.

I asked the nice little old ladies if I would be able to vote for all my choices and they told me no.

During the primary, you can only choose one party, which is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!.

I understand that it is only the primary and is only finding out who will be leading each party but I want to vote for whoever the fuck I want to vote for, no matter what stage in the voting process we are at.

So, I look at my options:

photoConstitutionalist Party: Two voting boxes… period. One of the boxes is the person I wanted to vote for for United States Senator Fred Ryman and the other box was a Constitionalist I didn’t even know, who was running for an office I do not remember.

I ended up being forced to vote for Kristi Nichols (which wasn’t a bad choice and if she would have won, she would have been the hottest senator on the block).

Libertarian Party: Five or six Voting Boxes. One of these boxes contained the person I wanted to vote for for LT. Governor Steven R. Hedrick. (Horrible website)

I ended up being forced to vote for Mike Parson.

Republican Party: A box for every single office up for vote.

So, if I wanted to vote on 90% of the shit going on in my district for the primary, I had no choice but to pick the Republican Ballot, also, I have some friends running for offices on the Republican ticket so I would have had to choose it if I wanted to support them.

I know that it is only the primary and the General Election will allow me to vote for the winners in each category no matter the party but I can’t help but feel that this virtually guarantees a never ending two party system… I loved Fred Ryman’s stances and website but if I wanted to vote for Sheriff, I sure as fuck couldn’t vote for Ryman… I believe they need to put all of the candidates from every party on one ballot even if it’s multiple pages. People need to be able to vote for every office up for election, no matter their party.

I realize that in some cases, the act of voting may take a lot of time in places like St. LouisMqOYwMHB but that should be part of the cost you pay to make your voice heard.

I do not need voting dumbed down for me, I want to be able to vote for everything, every time and put my mark next to the person I want for the job, regardless of party.

If you do not know about Fred Ryman, go to his website and look at his solutions… it is not little blurbs about what he agrees with… he goes into detail and it makes me happy. Every website should follow his lead, it would give you a chance to truly see where a candidate stands and how strongly they stand behind certain issues.

There isn’t any of that “I believe in the 2nd amendment” with very little explanation afterwards shit with Fred. You are about to get a short story and it is fantastic.

I am sorry I was not allowed to vote for you, Fred, I truly wanted to.




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