Chop for President!: All the time and hard work I put in just to get Assassinated.

Welcome to election season. Hate is in the air, and I am as guilty as everyone else. I am perpetually disgusted by politicians and, in general, I think we as a people can do much better.

Barack Obamao is an embarrassment and a failure at almost everything he does. Well, I am sure that he is succeeding in his true mission, be it from Allah or Karl Marx but as for serving the people of the USSM, well… he has certainly made it easier for me to call it the USSM… him and morons who seem to like him.

Killary Clinton is a murderous, treasonous hag who’s family body count is so high that it has gone from murder and become statistics. She is a truly horrible person even if she didn’t deserve to be hung by the neck until dead, dead, dead. Just take 5 minutes to look into how she treats the people who devote their lives to protecting that cunt. If I was secret service and I got put on her detail, I would have to quit or be incarcerated for making her bite a curb.

Breadline Bernie “The Economic Illiterate” Sanders just needs to move to a socialist utopia and take all the asshats that believe they are entitled to my labors with him. It is sickening that our greatest generation fought a socialist 4167 miles away (D.C. to Berlin) only to end up having their idiot kids and grandkids suck the dick of a socialist here. And to all the twat-waffles that argue that this moron is a democratic socialist… like there is a difference… there isn’t. One of my favorite quotes is by a guy named Jonah Goldberg, it is something that he asks Statists/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Fascists/Communists (different words, essentially the same thing)… The quote is:

Except for the murder, bigotry, and genocide, what is it, exactly, about Nazism that you don’t like?

Donald Trump is hated by many and is honestly not my number one pick (my number one pick is Calvin Coolidge if anyone wondered). I like what Donald Trump says but I do not trust him… would I take them over the gaggle of bastards I have previously named… fuck yes, I’d rather take the possibility of him telling the truth than the knowledge that the other three are.
I do have to say that I am sick of people calling him racist, you bunch of dumb fucks calling everything you disagree with racist makes everyone blind to actual acts of racism… maybe read about Chicken Little or Peter and the Wolf… bunch of Cockbiting Fucktards.

Ted Cruz was, among the last ones standing, one of my favorite possible candidates… He isn’t Calvin Coolidge or a proper Constitutionalist Libertarian but he would do for a Republican… since we live in a world of two party sheep. But lately, I have been hearing about some dumb shit he is trying to pull which is killing him for me.

I liked Ben Carson although he was soft-spoken, he had some decent ideas as did Herman Cain before him.

The three Libertarian Candidates running (Austin Petersen, (my top pick), Gary Johnson and John McAfee) is where everyone should be looking to place their vote but, as I said before, two-party sheep.

with all this being said…

I would like to throw my name in the hat and we will go through the reasons why you should vote for me.

I am beholden to no man… or in the words of Cartman I do what I want!

Now I guess that statement is not completely true in the fact that if it doesn’t follow the constitution or freedom in general, I am not down for it.

I will go through things that are hot-button issues in our country today and some not so much to explain my take on them.

Drugs: I do not care about drugs. I do not give a fuck if you want to inject heroin into your testicles, so long as you hurt no one else in the quest for your shitty life, who am I to judge. But the second you hurt anyone or endanger someone else’s life, the gloves come off. The jail sentences you have now will be a cake walk.

Prostitution: I think anyone should be able to fuck anyone they would like, so long as both parties consent to it. I don’t care if money is exchanged for sex. With that being said, if this is the profession someone chooses, they will get checked out every two weeks, Las Vegas would be the standard for the country in registered prostitution unless a better standard was found.

Same-Sex Marriage: I am against Same- Sex Marriage. I am against standard marriage. I am against any marriage that the government takes part in. The government should have no role in marriage. Marriage is between two people and their God. This should be a non-issue.

Education: The education system like most things should go back to states rights and the Department of Education should be abolished. We as Americans spend more per child than almost any country (5th in the world) and we get very little return on investment. Our children seem to continually fall behind the rest of the world because anything the government runs is run poorly. As for all the people spouting off that they should get free education, nothing is free. I paid my way through college and so should you. I believe that colleges charge FAR too much for their services they provide, being the liberal echo chambers they are and as they are no longer bastions of free thought that they once were.

Healthcare: For all the proponents of free healthcare, you probably won’t like me much. You see, I am not a fan of Slavery. What does free healthcare have to do with slavery, you ask? Well, you see… the basis of the argument for free healthcare is predicated on the fact that you think you are entitled to someone else’s labor, for free. What do we call that, children?! THATS RIGHT, SLAVERY!. I believe that there needs to be some serious changes to the healthcare system to make it more affordable and better for everyone but free healthcare is not the answer. Despite what Obama continually said during the health care debates, there were SEVERAL other options brought forth for health care reform but Obama had an agenda to bring the most convoluted one to the table and didn’t even try to find other options. A large portion of those other plans was less than 100 pages long, every politician could have read that before voting on it… unlike the Pelosi method of passing bullshit before you read it.

IRS: The IRS should be abolished as should every tax other than a sales tax. you get 100% of your paycheck, (like it was prior to 1913 when we had that cocksucker Woodrow Wilson who implemented the income tax). and only pay taxes on the money you spend. There are no longer any tax incentives nor are you punished every year if you don’t pay in enough. There is no threat of government violence if you don’t do your taxes because they are already done.

Federal Reserve: The Federal Reserve should be shut down, our money should go back to the gold standard. For those who don’t know, the gold standard is how we used to back our money prior to Tricky Dick Nixon, money was backed by gold, so every dollar we produced had an equal amount of gold to back it. Woodrow Wilson brought forth the Federal Reserve and FDR saw a law pass that forced citizens to turn their gold over to the federal government… so, once again fuck you Woodrow Wilson and add a dash of fuck you FDR and Richard Nixon also.

Immigration: I LOVE immigration. It makes me happy. I love meeting new and interesting foreign people from all walks of life. I tend to enjoy them more than Americans, honestly. I HATE illegal immigration. or whatever bullshit PC undocumented democrat term people want to use to gloss over the fact that they are here illegally. Yes, we were all illegal at some point in our history, blah, blah, blah. There were no laws set up then and there are now. People coming here illegally spit in the faces of all the people who have saved and spent time and effort doing it the correct way. The whole process should be revamped. You should have to pass a Constitution test, have a decent understanding of English and be able to prove you can have whole conversations in English and pass a rigorous background check. There should be no waiting decades and paying the government thousands and thousands of dollars to become a citizen. Another fast track way would be to join the military. You still have to pass everything but less time and no money. INS is one of the very few agencies that I can see operating at a federal level.

Gun Control: Not only does every citizen have the right to bear arms, they should take advantage of it. Background checks are a great thing because people who are lunatics shouldn’t be able to have a gun… so anyone on the left should have a very stringent background check performed because almost every single mass shooting of this generation has been performed by someone who identified as a leftist, much to the dismay of the media and all the anti-gun statists. The American people should be able to get their hands on anything the military uses also, if they have the means to purchase it, and I mean anything.

Abortion: Babies, unborn or not should have all the rights that any citizen has. In certain situations, I can understand the possibility of abortion but for the most part, it is unwarranted. The reason I say this is because no one has to have sex. It is almost always a choice and in choosing to do so, you should accept the consequences of your actions. On the same note, the act of adopting a child should be made much easier and there should be no incentives to being a foster parent.

Budget: The federal government should cut almost all funding to everything. The size of the government should be reduced drastically. There are 545 members of the federal government, there should be no more than quadruple that number to make the government function in the very few things the federal government should be doing. The size and scope of all the three letter agencies should be diminished, many to the point of no longer existing. If states determine they should exist, then they should exist in those states and not federally.

Crime: Well, we have just knocked out some of the crime, not incarcerating people who are in possession of drugs but all in all, heinous crimes should have a much worse punishment. More death penalty, longer sentences. Death Penalty would also equate to you only having one month to set your affairs in order before your end comes.

Energy: Every energy we utilize has downfalls. My personal favorite energy is Nuclear Energy, if run properly, it is either the cleanest or most productive energy we have. Solar may be cleaner but unless we use it on a far larger scale, like the solar road program, it will not match the power of a single nuclear plant for output. Wind energy, though a good idea, kills tons of birds and are down a large portion of the time. Oil is a superb, abundant energy source and with hydraulic fracturing, has a small footprint compared to 50 years ago.

Environment: Global Cooling.. OOPS!… Global Warming… OOPS! Climate Change!… This whole thing is a bullshit scheme for the government to steal more money. Now, do I think people should try to do what they can to not trash the planet, of course. But there should not be a federal presence in this.

National Security: As Ben Franklin said, those who will give up a little liberty for security deserve neither. I understand fully that there are threats to the USSM but most of the precautions we take are due to made up threats. Take the TSA for example… they have, to date, caught 0 terrorists but by God you will not get on that plane with a full bottle of water (even though for it being a possible explosive they keep in a box near them). Most of the things we are told we need national security for, we don’t need national security for.

Social Security: Anyone 30 to 40 gets to opt out of Social Security if they so choose, anyone under 30 is cut out of Social Security altogether, They don’t get anything back but they no longer have to pay in. Once the people who did not opt out die, Social Security will no longer exist. You can use that money however you wish but the federal government is not taking care of you. If states or municipalities decide to start up a program, do so.

States Rights: Everything outside of printing currency, upholding the constitution, keeping citizens from being attacked by any enemy should fall under states rights.

Welfare: Welfare should not be a federal issue. It should fall to the states. With that said, if anyone is to receive welfare, they not only have to be drug tested but they have to work for their money if they are physically capable to do so. And if there is a minimum wage, which there should not be, they will work for the minimum wage with no chance of a raise.

If there is anything else you would like to know my views on to becoming your next president, please let me know, below.

And seriously, I highly recommend taking the tests at Project Vote Smart and I Side With, Vote Smart has always been my goto site but I Side With is a lot more in depth and gets away from the two party bullshit.

Chop’s Test Results:

Vote Smart: Ted Cruz

I Side With: Austin Petersen

I prefer Petersen, do not be afraid to vote third party.

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