I was just in the shower, contemplating life and whatnot. If you are like me, you have a lot of great thoughts in the shower, when you aren’t abusing yourself… (you really need to stop doing that by the way), unfortunately, if you are like me, you also forget those thoughts as soon as you get out of the shower.

Fuck, that pisses me off.

So as I was in the shower, not abusing myself, though after last night…

Sorry, wandered off.

So, I am in the shower, lathering and thinking… thinking and conditioning the beard and whatnot and I had an epiphany on selfies, men and women.

Now this may get me banned from the feminist movement but I have come to believe that women, though not necessarily wanting a tall man, want someone taller than them.



So they feel that this is the most flattering angle for them because this is how they wish their tall S/O to see them this way. Smaller, more fragile, not helpless by any means but in a position to be held and helped. I don’t really think it stems from daddy issues or anything, more a step back to a time before feminists killed chivalry. A time when the head of the household took care of the lady of the house. Maybe, subconsciously, women miss that.

The exact opposite is how guys take selfies, they want a short S/O to look up to them not only physically but in the household also.



I believe they miss the time before feminists killed chivalry, when they were treated like they were needed. I know I certainly do… the days before #wastehistime2016 and bullshit like that. Good times.

I don’t understand the duckface though… most flattering position while simultaneously looking like you are half a moron.

Short post… just random shit I think about.


… And I make duckface look good.

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