Chad Kroeger: I Hope You Die

wallpaper (1)Howdy all,

I have training and a meet and greet for the new job Thursday and Friday.

Soon I will be making the fat cash, working every single day, WOOHOO!.

I may not be able to post every day on here due to the new job but we will see what I can knock out.

From what it sounds like, the new job will have me mobile most of the time.

I have asked Oris the Terrible to come up with a banner for the front page of Chop’s Guide. It did not bother me so much when Chop’s Guide was black but it really looks like it is missing something since I changed the color scheme.

I learned about a sort of blogging website called medium from Dante over at Nomad Philippines while on the SMPForum.

Dante posted an article that I wish I could find on WordPress so I could reblog it but please feel free to read it here.

It is about the difference in dating a westernized woman vs. a woman who is not westernized.

It is not always true but for the most part if feels like the rule rather than the exception anymore.


He heard that posting on there on occasion can help build your traffic on your own site, so I posted my Dating Site Life Tips on there to see how it does…. so far, it is quite underwhelming but there is a LOT of content on there and I like how you can choose the content you see when you sign up so hopefully it will pan out.

One of my co-workers, Crystal, came in at 0400 today and started playing Nickelback, I almost had a stroke with how much I was not having any of that.

Crystal also hates people with brown eyes… just throwing that out there.

Like deep hatred.

In her loins and whatnot.

showposterI felt the need to send her a poem that I found back in 2008 that I had posted on Roosterteeth.

Roosterteeth is the name of the company that produces Red vs. Blue Machinima series among many others.

They are an awesome group and I used to spend a lot of time following their work.

I may post some of the things from my blog on there because I was writing there when I was traveling more but until then… here is the poem.

Chad Kroeger: I Hope You Die

Chad Kroeger, I hate you and you have horrible hair.
If you do get the ladies, it’s because you’re a millionaire.
Your music sucks, and your lyrics are shit.
Suicide is definitely something you should commit.
If making musical garbage was considered a crime.
Your ass would be serving infinite time.
If I hear Photograph? again, I will shoot myself in the face.
The fact that you are Canadian is a gigantic disgrace.
You belong in a sentence with Finger Eleven and Creed,
The topic, of course,  a list of bands we don’t need?.
You know less than 10 chords and lack writing skill.
If I can find a way to make you stop, believe me, I will.
Every time I hear you, I just try to relax
But, seriously if I had your address, I’d send you Anthrax.
I hope Nickelback is happy with their current position:
They are corrupting the vitamins of our musical nutrition. 





4 thoughts on “Chad Kroeger: I Hope You Die

  1. Lmao!! I am not a person who hates…what I said was something to the effect that I don’t find brown eyed actors/actresses actrettractive. Bc you can not see the different hues of their eyes. I feel like actrettractiveness starts with someone’s eyes. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, i happen to like eyes however, tv/movies do not show a person with brown eyes off well enough for me. I didn’t say I hate brown eyed people.


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