37 Days to Zen – 4 Days Left

Four days to go, or should I say four years to go... It will be like a walk up the side of a mountain in Nepal, barefoot, in the snow, with no Sherpa...carrying enough food to feed the rest of the monastery. And pulling a dead horse. But it will be worth it. Food intake … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 4 Days Left

What the Fuck is Wrong with Women Today?! Talk About Some Bad Karma. Chop’s Guide just Gained a New Writer & Old Friend.

Eventually, she ended up liking me for whatever reason and through the abuse from her husband and my white knight syndrome she and her two kids ended up living with me but like most people nowadays, I was not able to treat her like the princess she thought she was and she had to help with the bills and whatnot. I have mentioned this girl before in my SpongeBob article. It was during this time of her living with me that learned about her malicious nature.