37 Days to Zen – 4 Days Left


Four days to go, or should I say four years to go…

It will be like a walk up the side of a mountain in Nepal, barefoot, in the snow, with no Sherpa…carrying enough food to feed the rest of the monastery.

And pulling a dead horse.

But it will be worth it.

Food intake remains the same.

Still too much meat for where I want to be ultimately, but that will take time as well.

I don’t want to cut meat out completely, just taper back a bit.

I still haven’t taken in a full flavored Coke, that’s soda for you Yanks. Coke Zero keeps the wolves at bay.

I have been a little tired the last few days, especially this morning, but it picked up before lunch.

Being tired isn’t unusual, so I will just chalk it up to being 41.

Law of attraction meditation is still being browsed, as most of the beats seem to calm me, even if I am in a calm state before putting the music on.

I tend to think of the world around me while listening, almost as if I am trying to absorb everything.

Knowledge is power.

I seem to be more focused as of late.

Focused on work while working, focused on writing while writing, and focused on relaxing when relaxing.

Something is working so I will continue to put one foot in front of the other and eventually I will arrive at my destination, Zen.

I can read.

Seriously, that is an accomplishment.

I am getting into reading. It helps me relax. If you are anything like me, the key is finding the perfect match (Prey for me right this second).

It’s out there, don’t give up.

I still haven’t weighed myself.

I haven’t counted calories.

Or carbs.

Or anything.

I think that is helping me as well.

Not getting caught up in the day to day numbers is easier.

My tee shirts are fitting better, so who cares about numbers?

Not this guy, with two stained Superman tees that fit once again…

Until tomorrow, and another crack at finding my spirit animal, and hoping it’s not a buzzard…


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