Our Place in Line

As always, please comment,  like and share and join the Chop's Guide to the Galaxy Facebook Page! Tell us what you thought about this short story. The grinding sound was getting louder as he walked. Large machinery in the distance chewing something up, and as he continued towards it, he began to feel the Earth below him rumble.

37 Days to Zen – 4 Days Left

Four days to go, or should I say four years to go... It will be like a walk up the side of a mountain in Nepal, barefoot, in the snow, with no Sherpa...carrying enough food to feed the rest of the monastery. And pulling a dead horse. But it will be worth it. Food intake … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 4 Days Left

37 Days to Zen – Day 20 Change Day Lucky 13

If 13 is an unlucky number, I must be one lucky guy... 13 days in and I have been dead to the world for the past three. I can't seem to shake this feeling, and I am certain by now it's not sickness. Well, it could be mental sickness, but that's for another series...now back … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – Day 20 Change Day Lucky 13

37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

T-minus 4 days. Four days until I wave a tearful goodbye to Taco Bell for a while. Wendy's Baconator. McDonald's McMuffins. Hell, I am choking up a little as I type this out. Well, the choking might be Swiss Cake Roll induced, as four of those little brown devils is what I had for breakfast. … Continue reading 37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

Denny’s Pancake Perfection

I am usually a waffle man. Waffles, a gallon of syrup, and a few pieces of sausage and I am in food heaven. A trip to Denny's is more for the lunch menu and a Grand Slamwich with seasoned fries kind of order. The other day, I decided to try my luck with some pancakes, … Continue reading Denny’s Pancake Perfection

I Loathe Being a Picky Bastard

We add some salsa to our tacos and each took a bite of our tongue taco and HOLY FUCK ARE THEY BLAND! I believe to this day that Michoacan means cooking without any spice or seasonings. Even with salsa on these things they were bland. The veal Brain was not only bland but it left a kind of gross aftertaste. Mr. Zimmern had let me down.

Parenting: What You’re Doing Wrong. If You’re a Shit Parent.

If your pre-pubescent child is biting you/hitting you/kicking you and rather than punting that little bastard across the room, you call 911, you have failed as a parent and it will never get any better. That kid now knows you have absolutely no power. You should send that kid off to military school or something because that kid is going to grow up to be a piece of shit otherwise. Probably just like you.

My very first guest post! Saint Petersburg, Russia – Location Review — Single Man’s Paradise

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and home to women who absolutely blow my mind. I have never been to a place where the women, just going to the corner store, dress like they are going out on Saturday night. And the way these girls look dressed up… you will feel a pain in your stomach from falling in love several times a minute.