I Loathe Being a Picky Bastard

Ukh1uMJHowdy y’all,

How are you today?

I am almost an oxymoron in and of myself.

You see, I love food.

Love it.

I plan my trips around new restaurants to try.

If I am short on time, sometimes we will hit two or three per meal period just to try some different things.

I remember one night in Dallas, TX, I was spending time with my brother Sambob, my sister Ana and my brother-in-law James.

After having lunch as an awesome place, I think a fish joint, at my urging we decided to hit three restaurants for dinner.

Revolver Taco Lounge.

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

Fuel City Taco.

ron-swanson-skim-milkWe started early and Revolver Taco was going to satisfy our weird food craving for the evening.

You see, Revolver Taco was featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, one of my personal heroes.

Why was Revolver Taco featured on Bizarre Foods?

Tongue and Veal Brain Tacos.

Revolver Taco featured Michoacan-style Mexican food and I really wanted to give it a try as I have never had brains or tongue before.

So we go to Revolver Taco and it is pretty busy, food must be astounding!

We order, or course I do not want cilantro or onions on it so we order without which just leaves tortillas and meat.

We receive 3 each of Tongue tacos and Veal Brain tacos.

James was not going to experience this part of the night with us, he was just there to laugh at us.

We add some salsa to our tacos and each took a bite of our tongue taco and HOLY FUCK ARE THEY BLAND!

I believe to this day that Michoacan means cooking without any spice or seasonings.

Even with salsa on these things they were bland.

The veal Brain was not only bland but it left a kind of gross aftertaste.

714f1c4c6a4fdb56664f057fbce1d83eMr. Zimmern had let me down.

I could have cried if I wasn’t trying to drown my assaulted taste buds in Jarritos Lime Mexican Soda.

It was not a good experience as my first experience for Tongue and Brain.

I have had tongue TONS of times since and it was always amazing, one of my favorite tacos.

I have not had the chance to try brain again but I shall.

I do not remember much about Gas Monkey Bar & Grill beside the food is good, the chili is really good and the shit you can buy there related to the show is expensive but man, do I miss that chili

Fuel City Taco is called this because it is attached to Fuel City Gas Station and there is a line outside this place all night every night.

The Tacos are cheap and fucking amazing.

They do not have any weird ones but man they are so good.

I need to sweet talk my sister into overnighting me about 75 tacos.

See how I go off on tangents…

You see, I am a Foodie while at the same time being picky as FUCK.

I hate it

I want to be normal but I just can’t do it.

mOw7acGLike salads, I fucking hate salads… Actually, with the exclusion of cucumbers, I hate raw vegetables as a whole.

Everyone is always talking about how I hate veggies and I have to correct them as that is absolutely not true, I hate raw veggies and there are a bunch I can live with so long as I can not taste them directly.

Onions, with the exclusion of the very rare onion ring, I could live my life without onions, if I use them, I either blend them to almost liquid form or cook them down past the point of any crunch.

Tomatoes are great cooked in something like a sauce or something requiring them ketchup for example but I do not want those raw on anything.

Peppers, I like hot food but hate the taste of peppers, can only deal with them in soups. But use ground pepper to spice my shit up, that is fine.

The thing that will bother me most besides all the damn coconut they use in Thailand is all the fucking peanuts they put on everything… Hate nuts unless they are in a creamy form.
I am the weirdest motherfucker I know, I look forward to trying to weird shit but can’t do a salad.

I really do hate it, I try to eat salads sometimes but for the most part, if I am at a restaurant and they will not bring me a soup instead of a salad, I will just tell the to not waste the rabbit food because they will be throwing it away later.

I even try Spinach salad on occasion, I mention this because I LOVE spinach. I would put spinach in almost everything but even that I can not take raw.tumblr_lm5c9bqfaC1qey5y8

I wonder if there is something that would help, I do not like going to people’s houses because I may have to explain this whole thing to them.

Though most people I spend time around know.

It blows.

Tell me things you hate about yourself and would like to change.

I do not watch Parks and Rec but I want to watch it just for the shit Ron Swanson says.

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