Don’t Forget to Pack a Wife!

Buddhist_monks_in_front_of_the_Angkor_WatHowdy all,

While doing my daily routine of browsing Single Man’s Paradise to see what was going on, I noticed a thread that Dangnomad posted titled “New THREE YEAR Multi-Entry Visa for Cambodia

For those of us living overseas in South East Asia or wanting to live there, this is a GREAT thing.

Cambodia, in trying to lure in more tourists per year, is going to start offering this visa starting next month (Sept 2016).

I may go from having a Holiday in Cambodia to Living in Cambodia and having holidays everywhere else.

Skins says Cambodian girls are pretty hot.

Their goal is to hit 7 million visitors a year by 2020.

328E4D4C00000578-3546171-image-a-39_1460994582114This is a great goal and I see Cambodia exploding due to this awesome new visa.

This should bring some of the main complaints I see about Cambodia, which consist of infrastructure and spotty internet, up to par for more expats.

You see, if you have not looked into living overseas long term, in many countries there are a lot of hoops to jump through.

Thailand only offers a 3-month visa and that is after extending it. After 3 months, if you are not either teaching English or learning Thai, you have to go on a visa run, exiting Thailand to re-enter Thailand and start over for three months.

Four visa runs a year can get expensive.

You are allowed to stay a year in Thailand if you teach English or are learning Thai.

Cambodia has always been a place I would like to visit but not one I really gave much consideration to live in at first until hearing this.

The reason being is that anytime I want to get away from Cambodia for a month or more, I can go utilize the short visa allowed in other countries and then come back to Cambodia until the next time I want to leave.

I hear Cambodia is kind of boring if you are a partier and it isn’t easy to find girls like in some other countries in SEA.

Well, not so much boring as girls can be found but they don’t seem terribly enthusiastic.

So Cambodia may be the PERFECT place to grind on business for a few months and when you need a little “brown chicken, brown cow” with some gusto, shoot over to any of the nearby countries.

And, for the moment, Cambodia is cheap and you don’t have to marry a Cambodian girl to be able to start a business!6-Days-Best-of-Cambodia-1-623

I do not know yet how much these visas will cost but I can not wait to find out, Cambodia may be the new digital nomad capital of the world.

Bye, Bye Chiang Mai, which is cool too because then when I go to Chiang Mai, I won’t have to deal with so many fucking white people.

Visa runs from Chiang Mai aren’t that bad because they are so close to Laos.

Cambodia, being right between Thailand and Vietnam would make for the ability to go either was to get away, Skins is in Vietnam right now and he seems to like it pretty well.

I could always run over to The Philippines and see some of the places Dante is always going on about on Nomad Philippines and Guy’s Night Life.

There are a lot of cool things to see in Cambodia and I bet the food is awesome, I really wish this part of Missouri had a more extensive cuisine.

Some places I have always wanted to see reside in Cambodia, Angkor Wat and Siem Reap.

I was in Iraq with a guy who visited there and I got to see some pics he took, he told me the pics do not do it justice, I need to go.

Battambang is a french colonial town along the Sangker River, the houses to not look like they are the standard old Asian design which would be kind of cool to see in the center of South East Asia, the same goes for Kampot and Kep

17992_569744203058988_381388143_nI CAN GO HANG OUT WITH ELEPHANTS! The Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri allows you to walk with the herd… Me and some elephants are about to become best friends… I’m loading down with bananas, I learned in Thailand that Elephants love them some bananas.

Me and elephants, chilling out at the waterfall, eating bananas.

Kratie has fresh water dolphins! I wonder if they like bananas? If not, I will find somewhat to make friends… So long as they don’t try to have their way with me in the water.

Who am I kidding? That’s why I am going to Kratie.

Cambodia also has a TON of weird food like deep-fried tarantulas… This place is awesome!

For the record, trying deep fried tarantulas freaks me the fuck out.

Will I try it, why yes, I think I will.

Andrew Zimmern did it and as one of my personal heroes, I dot to try it. Some of the other things he tried in Cambodia along the Bizarre Foods line were.

Clams and frogs… Not terribly weird, but wait, there’s more!

Deep-fried bugs, grilled water snake, blood cake soup made with congealed blood, liver and intestines and duck tongue!

He tried Prahok which is made with rotting fish… I don’t know about that one… May have to stick to tarantulas.

Cambodia has a LOT of potential for some fun times and it is something worth seriously considering if you want to start your nomad life in SEA… I know I am.


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