Denny’s Pancake Perfection

I am usually a waffle man. Waffles, a gallon of syrup, and a few pieces of sausage and I am in food heaven. A trip to Denny’s is more for the lunch menu and a Grand Slamwich with seasoned fries kind of order.
The other day, I decided to try my luck with some pancakes, the Peanut Butter Pancake breakfast to be exact. Now I’m not the one to order something different most of the time, but the picture looked good enough to sway my order in hopes that the taste was half as good as the beautifully situated plates full of food on the menu. I sipped on my ice cold Coca-Cola for about ten minutes before the feast arrived. I scarfed down my eggs and hashed browns first, then decided to cut a small chunk of the pancakes out and taste test them before the usual drowning with syrup.

The taste explosion caught me by complete surprise, and after the third or fourth bite with no added liquid sugar, I began to look around me because I felt other eyes judging me in the restaurant. I honestly felt that they were so good it must have been a sin to eat them. Seriously. For real.
It took me a few minutes to come back to reality and the understanding that it was just a plate full of food at Denny’s, but the deliciousness was at a level that for a brief moment my mind made me believe they were so good that they were illegal.
If I were you, I would try them before they do pass a law banning the serving of the perfectly prepared peanut butter pancake.


Chops Guide Score – 7 out of 5.

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