37 Days to Zen – Day 13 ChangeDay 6


I am craving things, even after only five days.

Full flavored Coke, I miss that, especially from McDonald’s.

Their Coke seems to burn the throat just a little more than from anywhere else, and isn’t that why we all drink Coke products minus the addiction some neuroscientists compare to heroin or meth?

My stomach is churning and growling, possibly requesting some meat lovers pizza. But I won’t cheat that much and will suck it up because I am feeling better by the day, both mentally and physically.

Meditation in the morning for about 20 minutes, watching what I eat and cutting back on unnecessary carbs and fat, limiting my fast food intake, walking, and shadow lifting (yes, I shadow lift with no weights in my hands. I have been made fun of for my entire life doing that, but it apparently worked for me as I can still bench over 300 pounds and military press my body weight ten times).

Meditation at night for about half an hour, and now I am giving it the attention it needs.

I feel a change, and maybe not a great epiphany yet, but it is still change.

My showers are short, my thoughts are a little clearer, my goals are coming into focus, and I am remaining slightly more focused than usual.

The key for everyone is different, and its all about trial and error.

We can all grab pills and shakes and powders, but when we stop taking those things, we all go back to the way it used to be after a few months. I want something permanent, something natural.

A complete mental overhaul while allowing my physical state to change as well, this time for good.

Breakfast was a sausage burrito from McDonalds, and lunch yet another innocent chicken cooked to perfection.

Monsters drenched both in my stomach, with the addition of a coconut water as a snack.

No sweets again today, which is starting to eat at me. I want a Little Debbie so dang bad…

Dinner I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I broke down with a Wendys Son of Baconator.

The heart and physical vessel would take a hit, but my mental state got a much-needed boost as the cashier was having a bad day stating she felt like she had a hex put on her.

I gave her some advice, and after sitting down to shove that bacony goodness in my mouth, realized I needed that same advice.

Like attracts like.

Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

It’s the universal secret, or so that one one book says anyway. She thanked me profusely, and with that, we both helped each other.

Meditation for the evening was a Yoga mind activation video, and not bad at all. Calming for sure.

Meditate. Eat right. Stay positive and focused. Be kind and rewind, I mean help others.

Maybe I can keep this up…

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