The Zig-Zag Demand Matrix of hating your life.

Howdy all,

3115ef3a-38db-41d9-ae0e-3cc4587bbd53I don’t think I will have much today,  I am kind of tired and annoyed.

I wasn’t able to sleep very well last night because for some reason I had dreams that I was back in Iraq and, honestly it made me very happy. I know you aren’t supposed to be happy about living in a war-zone under constant threat of becoming a target but it was the best time of my life and I miss it every day. It was also my first outlet for world travel.

So my stupid dreams (though happy because I am weird) and the nervousness of this online interview were keeping me from sleeping, naturally I wake up an hour and a half before this interview so my brother and I went to the garage and started working on getting to the coils I need to replace on my bike.17314634-a26d-4255-b8d1-349d121793d6

Funny thing about dreaming of Iraq, my buddy Doc from my time in Mosul wrote while I was asleep about a company that is hiring, so upon getting to work, I looking into and found a couple of jobs my non-skill-having-ass could possibly do.

The looking into going back always has the side effect of me realizing they probably wont accept me till I lost some tonnage and I have need to see the dentist about my rear, drivers side bottom tooth. Two things I need to work on anyway and no time like the present… just got to really get myself motivated to be sore all over… opposed to the precision soreness like the last time I was in prison.

I am annoyed because I do not feel like I have accomplished much today in learning how to make some money online. 12 hour days don’t really give you a lot of time on the ends to work with and doing a job like Dispatching, your free time is spotty at best. The ability to be able to hear an informational televisual feast even less so.

For example, I got an email from Ramit today called the Zig-Zag Technique which linked to a few things that seemed like they might be worthwhile but the worthwhile links had 2 videos attached and the 45 minutes worth of videos took me 5.5 hours to watch.

The most important thing to come out of the emails was to take 2, 30 minute stretches and write down every single idea you had of things you can do, pick the 20 best ideas and put them in this thing called the Demand Matrix… it is a very good idea but I need some quiet time to think of something I can do.

4f017c08-5cfd-47c0-ae9e-5a7dd7530bbdIt also talked about asking friends about things you are good at… I think Ramit and I have different friends… mine rarely take anything seriously, especially if it is something I am trying to do towards advancing myself… so I figure my most common answer will be along the lines of masturbating. Hell, a few months ago, I couldn’t even get them to help me with 3 choices of book title for my first books and I laid the choices out for them, they could have printed them off and thrown a dart and it would have helped me more than what I got. Basically, anymore, I dread asking for help due to ending up disappointed.

Now, I admit… I am something of a whiz when it comes to beating off, but as much as I would like it to, I do not see that earning me much money… even on cam sites.

I do get some support from my boys over at SMP forum but it is a little more time consuming and they don’t know me like my brothers.

I order the parts I need for my bike finally so I should be able to get it back out on the road and save me some money in gas if this monsoon season shit lets up.6f21773b-d66d-4041-af0a-6fb8d0518884

I have tomorrow off and with the third world internet I have at home I probably wont be able to update but I am going to try to finish 4-hour work week and get back into my DDP Yoga.

I have a bunch of things to do for this other source of income that I have to take care of tomorrow also.

When I leave work at 0700 today I plan on going by to vote which will be fun, I am sure… I hope they will hand me all three parties (only parties that count so I am not including Democrats)

Oh, and the phone interview I was supposed to have today… woke up 1.5 hours early… call the lady at 1629, she doesn’t answer… she calls me back and apparently I do not have to go through the phone interview… she just tells me she is sending me things to fill out for hire… so, that it a weight off my mind.

I guess it’s not all bad… just be better if there was gunfire or I was diving in the Pacific.


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