37 Days to Zen – Day 23 Change Day 16 Down, 14 to Go


With day 16 in the books, I have to say I feel lighter.

I woke up this morning feeling as if I have lost some weight, but I still won’t hit the scales.

I don’t care about the numbers; I just care about the feeling. How I feel, both my body and mind.

My daily eating habits have remained the same. The only change is I have been putting my chicken bones out for the raccoons to eat the past few days, and there are now nearly two dozen buzzards circling.

Did you know buzzards mate by touching butt holes? Now you do…

Meditation seems to be helping considerably, and last night while I was listening to it falling asleep, I felt my body moving when it wasn’t.

Almost as if the meditation is starting to take shape in my brain.

I never really believed in stuff like that, but giving it a try has started to open my mind even more.

If we only use around 9% of our brains, and anything is possible, there has to be a way to tap into a little more power.

Overall, 16 days in, I feel as if this is starting to be a success.

I don’t get as mad, I feel better, I don’t crave garbage food so much, and I don’t worry nearly as much.

Stress still creeps in, but not nearly as bad as before I started this journey.

Until tomorrow and some more meditation magic…but no buzzard butt hole kissing.


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