37 Days to Zen – 9 to Go


With nine days to go, it at least is getting easier.

I feel better; I feel lighter, I feel healthier, I feel that my mind is better off.

The past two days I have spent in nature, away from my phone and computer, away from the sounds of society, and away from the stresses that society creates.

I’m not good enough at work. I’m not good enough at home. I’m not smart enough to hang around some folks. I’m not good looking enough to find someone to cuddle with.

All those man-made stresses, I left them behind for the past two days.

I slept through breakfast, so I grabbed a 6″ tuna on wheat at Subway on the way to the lake.

That, with some Baked Lays, hit the spot.

As I enjoyed the silence, a pot roast cooked in my crock pot at home, waiting for me to open the top and smell complete deliciousness.

As for food and beverage, I ate a little more than the past few weeks but much less than a typical day before I began this quest.

I read another three chapters in Prey, and believe me, that is a huge accomplishment.

I easily get bored reading, and if not captivated in the first few paragraphs, put the book down for good.

Being able to name all the books I have read cover to cover and count them on one hand is kind of sad…reading is a huge part of growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I wrote as I try to do every day. About anything. But this writing was about today, and here is an excerpt.

“We found a much quieter place today.

Much quieter.

The only sounds were those of the wind and birds cackling in the distance.

A hawk hovered above, wings spread open showing the world its beauty, casting dancing shadows next to my feet.

Several docks jutted out into the water, all showing obvious signs of wear, but still seemed to be calling for use.

They had been built for humans to enjoy, that was their sole purpose. They hadn’t been used in some time.

The Salvinia left a coat on the water, almost as thick as a blanket. Standing at the edge, it appeared to cover the entire body of water, but being Louisiana, it was fitting.

It added character.

The occasional sound of a small prop plane, probably a privately owned Cessna, cut through the calming silence of nature.

They had spent upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars for temporary spurts of pleasure and enjoyment, while I sat with an investment of $3 on my journal and pen, possibly clearing my mind more thanks to the free Earth around me.”

It is Zen.

The Earth is Zen, in all its beauty.

We are raping it daily, destroying it one technology at a time.

I didn’t listen to meditation music again while out there, but today didn’t bother me at all.

It was quiet.

Calming quiet.

That was meditation enough.

Free meditation from an Earth that has given us so much and an Earth most humans have forgotten about.

Stopped caring about.

I will try a spirit guide meditation tonight, and let you all know how it is.

Until tomorrow, and another chance to breath clean air and have the wind blowing my sails…


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