37 Days to Zen – 10 and a Wakeup


I found Zen today, at least temporary Zen.

I took the day to recharge and found myself in between a large flowing creek and the still waters that sustained as many Cypress trees as the eye could see.

A primitive campsite, peace and quiet, and sounds of nature that included crows in the distance, turtles swan diving into the waters from a downed tree, and cranes extracting fish from their haven with the precision of laser guided weaponry.

No phones.

No computer.

No worries.

The lack of technology is an eye opener.

Open clean air, the breeze blowing through the Cypress trees and making the Spanish moss dance, the sounds of running water and animals, it’s almost as if nature is the best battery charger you can find, and it’s free.

The only thing I didn’t do while I was out there that I wanted to was listen to some meditation music, but seriously, I don’t think I needed to.

The calm around me was more than enough.

I did pick up a novel for the first time in nearly ten years, Prey by Michael Crichton.

I read through two chapters, which is the most reading I have done in years.

I feel as if I will soon finish that book, which puts it in a league of about five others that I have read cover to cover in my lifetime, to include one that I wrote.

It felt good.

It felt needed.

Even though I was tired this evening from doing next to nothing physically, I felt as if I accomplished something getting a little closer to nature and the Earth.

Protein packs with apples and cheese for breakfast, sausages for lunch, and water for dinner rounded out the food intake.

Law of attraction meditation again this evening, and the same in the morning.

Until tomorrow, and another trip to where time stands still…


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