37 Days to Zen – 10 and a Wakeup

I found Zen today, at least temporary Zen. I took the day to recharge and found myself in between a large flowing creek and the still waters that sustained as many Cypress trees as the eye could see. A primitive campsite, peace and quiet, and sounds of nature that included crows in the distance, turtles … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 10 and a Wakeup

Murder in the First.

I love E-Dub, he will always be a friend but if this wasn't a case of self-defense, they need to bury him under the jail. Things like this always make me wonder that if I had been around, could this have not happened. There were some kids I grew up across the street from in Mansfield, TX named Brooks. They all turned out to be shit-bums as far as I know and I always wondered if I had stuck around, would it have turned out that way.