37 Days to Zen – 8 to Go


Eight days until Zen hits me square in the face, either that or reality.

I have been swamped for the past few days dealing with family issues and haven’t been able to blog, but hopefully, I can find time over the next week to continue this until the end.

I am still watching what I eat, and not snacking in the middle of each meal.

It is working physically because my favorite old tee shirts are starting to fit again, which brings my rotation up to five.

I own 100 tees, wear 5, and would slit someone’s throat for trying to take any of them.

I am still meditating, and I believe it is the main reason I feel lighter, calmer, less stressed than usual.

I have also found in the past few days that because I am trying new things such as meditation, chakra, and spirit guides, that I am not a Christian.

That stuff is all witchcraft, or as Bobby Boucher’s mom puts it, THE DEVIL.

I guess my original thoughts that God made everything and finding those things that make you a better human are trash talk.

I mean, becoming a better human is the devil.

But all that is for another article.

I have also started to use nature to my advantage as discussed in my two previous posts.

Long sits under trees, long thoughts next to quiet bayous, where ever I can sneak a few minutes of solitude I do.

It helps.

It all helps.

I am also writing in my journal as much as possible, and that is a major key for me to reach Zen.

I know it won’t be in 8 days, but what seemed impossible nearly a month ago seems doable if I keep trying.

If I keep on keeping on…because he was right, life is a garden. Dig it.

Until tomorrow, and another positive entry in my journal of life…


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