37 Days to Zen – 8 to Go

Eight days until Zen hits me square in the face, either that or reality. I have been swamped for the past few days dealing with family issues and haven't been able to blog, but hopefully, I can find time over the next week to continue this until the end. I am still watching what I … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 8 to Go

37 Days to Zen – 11 Days to Reality

I don't want to have to admit this, especially on my own blog series, but I just looked up the definition of zen. "The word Zen is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Middle Chinese word 禪 (dʑjen) (pinyin: Chán), which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word dhyāna (ध्यान ),[2] which can … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 11 Days to Reality

Did I mention that I am giving away a FREE book and I live in Botswana?

Something that I did not cash in on much yesterday but I have been making up for today is the fact that I currently have a book on free promotion until 8 Aug and I would absolutely love it if you would download, read and leave a well thought out review on the book. And if you felt particularly froggy, sharing it would be Snazztastic.