Did I mention that I am giving away a FREE book and I live in Botswana?

Howdy all,

I realized after coming into work last night that I had the night off so after hanging out for a bit and having some of the AWESOME Sauerkraut, potatoes and huge sausage that Miranda brought in (according to Eric, I love huge sausage and he is correct), I went home and promptly slacked off watching movies and playing video games with my nephew.


I believe firmly that is my internet was not all 3rd world country and shit, I would have accomplished quite a lot but I hate trying to do work on my phone and due to the distraction, I didn’t get any reading done… I think I will have to start locking myself away.

I suck.

Something that I did not cash in on much yesterday but I have been making up for today is the fact that I currently have a book on free promotion until 8 Aug and I would absolutely love it if you would download, read and leave a well thought out review on the book. And if you felt particularly froggy, sharing it would be Snazztastic.


Humans have sought peace and tranquility since the dawn of time. They have shaped religions and invented techniques to try to unravel the secrets of happiness, and so lead better and more worthwhile lives.
Now, in this new book, comes a unique concept where you will find nuggets of wisdom taken from some of the world’s foremost religions, which include;
• Christianity
• Taoism
• Buddhism
• Hinduism
Rather than concentrating on the values of one of these religions, or the teachings of a single leader, the knowledge of each of them is pooled to form one unifying concept, using proven steps on how to live your life.
With inspiring quotes from famous personalities and from the author’s own views you can learn to eradicate destructive emotions, such as;
• Anger
• Hate
• Sadness
• Depression
• Suicidal thoughts
This will serve to clear your mind and allow you to concentrate on the positive thoughts, such as composure and peace.
This book will serve as a daily guide, whenever you feel like you have lost your way. The advice set out is based on proven methods which are guaranteed to work. All that is needed is a belief in the process and a willingness to try.



I am currently, when not fielding calls, going through emails I got from Sean Ogle, Ramit Setha and Benny Lewis and will write more when I have read them all if there are any new ideas or anything interesting to relay in the progress.

In reference to Benny Lewis… I would LOVE to work on some language hacking but my craptacular internet does not agree. Please GOD let the rumors of high speed internet coming this fall be true.

One of my new books got delivered today but I did not see the box but I got an email… so I assume it is somewhere at my house.

My Coils for my motorcycle were delivered yesterday, now I just have to sweet talk my brother into helping me put them on… or more correctly to do it while I cheer him on and help when needed.

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