37 Days to Zen – 2 Left

Two days left until I have my answer. The question: Is it possible for me to find Zen in 30 Days? Unless I bump into some guy named Zen in the corner store in the next few days, I will assume the answer is no. I do feel better though, minus my back from the … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen – 2 Left

37 Days to Zen -Day 22 Change Day 15 Days to Go

I don't think I am much closer to Zen than I was 22 days ago. Maybe my expectations were a bit high. Maybe Zen isn't meant for everyone on the Planet. Maybe Zen means different things to different people. I watch videos of Monks regularly, and they seem as content as a human could be. … Continue reading 37 Days to Zen -Day 22 Change Day 15 Days to Go

Let the Little Things GO

But this article isn’t about shock value or how stupid I was when I was young; it’s about how I realized that some battles aren’t worth my time. I was done with my second long term relationship and it occurred to me that I have never been good with friends or girlfriends/wife because I didn’t just let things go…I wanted to argue or mouth off. I’ve always been the asshole of whichever group I’ve been a part of and that was because of my mouth. I am not a physically imposing man and never have been but I could mouth off with the best of them. I let my opinions fly and even more than that, I would pick at people until situations were bad or people were pissed off. I always looked at it like this; if I can get someone pissed off but they still enjoy hanging out with me, they are real friends. Looking back on it, only 1 person remains from more than a decade ago. I probably ran more friends and girlfriends away than I needed to. Not that I regret it…I am where I always needed to be.

Did I mention that I am giving away a FREE book and I live in Botswana?

Something that I did not cash in on much yesterday but I have been making up for today is the fact that I currently have a book on free promotion until 8 Aug and I would absolutely love it if you would download, read and leave a well thought out review on the book. And if you felt particularly froggy, sharing it would be Snazztastic.