37 Days to Zen -Day 22 Change Day 15 Days to Go


I don’t think I am much closer to Zen than I was 22 days ago.

Maybe my expectations were a bit high.

Maybe Zen isn’t meant for everyone on the Planet.

Maybe Zen means different things to different people.

I watch videos of Monks regularly, and they seem as content as a human could be.

Waves of peace dance around them as their personal aura.

That’s what I want. That’s what I am searching for, and although it most likely will take me considerably longer than 30 days to achieve, I don’t think I will turn around.

It is the road less traveled. Robert Frost had it right, this road was grassy and wanted wear.

Americans, humans for that matter, are stuck in a ditch when it comes to the powers of the mind.

Cell phones in hand, laptops plugged in, Lady GaGa or Beyonce playing on the iPod with earbuds shoved halfway to the brain.

We have been reprogrammed.

We continue to allow the world around us to rule over us.

We are drones, sheep, all of us.

Billions of Chinese and Indians, the dot head not the Woo Woo, millions of Americans and Canadians, and everyone in between.

I thought of this as I sat in Taco Bell for breakfast listening to law of attraction music on YouTube.

Everyone around me seems to be going through the motions; doing what they have been trained to do.

I didn’t cheat much, just a sausage burrito.

I stopped because they are the only fast food joint with Diet Mountain Dew.

Lunch was another chicken dismantled in less than five minutes.

Dinner was a bowl of Ramen Noodles.

Yes, high in sodium, but the chicken flavored ones bring back so many poor early adulthood memories. Wait a minute; I am still poor…

I haven’t felt like working out or doing anything physical lately, but I am feeling better than the three-day stint in which I wanted to jump off the edge of the Earth if it were flat.

And I have a flat earther friend. Really.

I am feeling a little better emotionally than I did two weeks ago.

Not to the point where I have my own aura of peace dancing around me, but I will take the change.

Hopefully, it continues in that direction, and one day you see me on a video chanting to the Heavens in a dark brown man robe…

My diet has changed, and I will continue to tweak it.

No snacking, very limited sweets, and three meals a day.

My meditation has increased, and I am paying more attention to focusing on the music.

It is helping. All of it is helping.

Until tomorrow and another joke to make me laugh uncontrollably like I have a midget friend, he’s epileptic and makes pizzas for a living. I call him “little seizures.”


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