Orale Vato, What’s Happening?


Howdy Y’all,

How have you all been?

I apologize for taking this long to write something on Chop’s Guide, life has been slightly hectic lately and though I have free time, getting motivated has been something I have been lacking due to working on other things that I will get into in another article and just not being able to focus my thoughts.

First and foremost, I have moved from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri back home to Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

This is not my favorite thing in the world, but my dad asked me to move down here before I move to Louisiana because he was not doing so well after mom died, and so here I am.

I quit dispatch and the dam, one of which I was sad to leave though I miss the people at both and am currently a jobless piece of shit trying to find ways to make money and trying to find jobs online in order to be more mobile with my life.

Sadly a lot of the positions I have found require me to set up a home office, wired interwebs, phone, headset so I am working on that at the moment also.

Generally, this would be an easy task for most people, but dad had kind of let the house go before mom had died so I spend as little time in there as I possibly can.

With me here he has been more motivated to get back on track though so, this should just be a temporary issue.

I have been back in Poplar Bluff since the beginning of April, and this lack of working thing is driving me nuts, I have things I have been working on but getting paid for anything I do would be fantastic.

One bonus about living here is I have no bills but I still just feel kind of worthless with nothing to do and not enough money coming in to go goof off a little, being stuck in my tiny living quarters, me, my computer and the tv… though I have been dating more.

Something has got to change.

How have you all been? Hit me up in the comments.


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