Andy’s Hickory Pit & BBQ, Eldon, MO


Howdy y’all,

Though this will post in a few days, I went to Andy’s Hickory Pit & BBQ in Eldon, Missouri for the first time today.

I have heard nothing but rave reviews of it for the last month or two and  would have gone before now but it seems that every time I am in Eldon, they are closed.

Their hours, being 1100-1900 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, are kind of horrible for someone who works nights. Horrible for a restaurant in general really.

But then again, they aren’t a restaurant, they are a horse trailer transformed into an eatery.

I finally got up early enough to go there today before work and as soon as I got ready, that’s what I did.

After debating on what to get for a bit I asked the lady taking orders if a half rack of ribs or the pulled pork sandwich would be better with Chili Cheese fries.

She said pulled pork and I said ok.

Pulled Pork Sandwich and Chili Cheese fries  = $12.41 if you were wondering.

It took long enough to get them that I was worried I was going to be late for work.

Get them, hop back in the truck and speed for work.

unnamed-2I get to work and pull everything out of the bag and I am pleasantly surprised that this is more than I am going to be able to eat, the sandwich is big and the chili cheese fries are in a huge plastic container which is full.

I take down the pulled pork sandwich first.

Plenty of meat on it, it could have a bit more barbecue sauce upon first glance.

Upon taking the first bite, the meat seems a bit dry though there is plenty of it and it does certainly need more sauce.

The sauce itself is not bad, slightly sweet and tangy.

Maybe a little cup of sauce included in the order would go a long way.

The sandwich is not in my top 5 pulled pork I have ever had but it isn’t terrible.

Now to the Chili Cheese Fries.

They are absolutely covered in cheese so there is no way to eat them without a fork which is a good thing.

The chili looks to be homemade with unfortunately big pieces of onion in there but it is mostly cooked down.

Upon my first bite of the chili cheese fries, I get the kick of heat but something seems to be missing.

After a few more bites, I realize what it is, I taste the cheese, the fries, and spiciness but I do not really taste the chili.

I try a plain piece of meat out of it and it tastes rather bland.

It tastes more like salsa with beans and beef than it tastes like chili.

It is good, just not what I was expecting or hoped for.

I will certainly be going back to Andy’s for round two if I ever catch them open again but I will probably not be getting either of these items on that trip.

Should have gone for the half rack.

My first trip to Andy’s was somewhat disappointing, I hope my next trip will impress me more.

Chop’s Guide rating: 2/5



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