37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

T-minus 4 days. Four days until I wave a tearful goodbye to Taco Bell for a while. Wendy's Baconator. McDonald's McMuffins. Hell, I am choking up a little as I type this out. Well, the choking might be Swiss Cake Roll induced, as four of those little brown devils is what I had for breakfast. … Continue reading 37 Days to an Asylum – Which Might be Zen

Cafe Steamers

Howdy y'all, Recently I have heard from a lot of people that I am losing weight, which is awesome, though I haven't really been trying. This notice being taken of me prompted me to try a little. I started using and keeping track of everything via Samsung Health, I try to pay attention to what … Continue reading Cafe Steamers

Jump Around for the New Rape Whistle

The reason I mention this business and it does interest me is because my nephew is one of the first employees at this establishment of bounce and as much as I love him, I think this mention will embarrass him. As the proper uncle that I am, embarrassing my nephew is one of my great joys in life.