37 Days to Zen – 3 days left… Broken Back Included


With three days left to find true Zen, it might be impossible.

Especially since I am about four days late with this post.

Unfortunately, I fell four feet backward off a trailer, striking asphalt, which unbelievably has very little give to it.

I hopped up quickly, walked it off, and figured I would just be a little sore other than the scrapes on my right elbow.

Boy, was I wrong…

At least I felt invincible for a few hours, right?

I laid in bed like an invalid for three days, unable to walk.

My back is still tweaked, but I do feel much better now.

I can walk around but am still limited as far as full function.

Not a bad way to finish 37 days to Zen…

The meditation is still a mainstay, as is my diet.

I have started to get serious with food intake, to include my main staple of tuna and chicken salad.

I have been snacking, but it has been fresh pineapple chunks and sliced apples with peanut butter spread on top.

If you haven’t tried that, I suggest you do…it’s great, and great for you.

Sweeter apples make for a better snack, but any apples will do.

I would write more, and most likely will in my final two posts for this series, but it is back to sleep for me.

I need to heal up so I can get back to living.

Until tomorrow, and another day of sunshine (inside, outside, hopefully both)…

Pain Concept.

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