Choppy, Come Back.

906782ffd241092b05393bb0c19ebb29How Y’all,

I have been gone for an exceptionally long time, and I apologize for this.

I have been somewhat busy, but mostly I have just been scatterbrained to the point that I can barely string a sentence together much less an article.

Hines Bail Bonds is in full swing for the most part. I am still trying to get my name out there and catch more calls and become competition around here, but I am getting some bonds here and there, so that is good.

I just had my first bondee miss court and am trying to get in contact with him to give him his new court date, but so far, I am coming up short… I really do not want to have to chase this guy down.

I do not enjoy being a prick, but I told him as I tell all of my bonds… I will take you to court if you need a ride… just do not miss, that is the quickest way to get on a bondsman’s bad side.

Fugitive Recovery Solutions has had a success or two so far also and always hoping for more.

Central Extradition Agency is off to a good start, and we are running all over the country extraditing inmates between counties.

MOAZ Tees and Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy have been suffering because my focus has been elsewhere as have my books I have been writing on, slowly, but I am trying to turn this around starting with this post.

aeea4e3f2286751ea08edb08b02c03f7205d0029388f94df73efd5d72e2f9df0I have quite a bit of free time during most days, but I continually try to interact with potential clients on the Hines Bail Bonds Facebook Profile and Page.

This is something I need to move away from some in order to write and design a bit more.

I enjoy all the things I have been doing, and it has certainly given me a bit more of a social life oddly enough but getting out of here and long-term travel is, as always, at the forefront of my mind. I need to work more on building my passive income… or at the moment any meager income.

Waiting to get our licenses as written about by Chris in “Cuddle with a Month-Long Struggle“, really set me back financially and I have not caught back up really at all with the amount of business up to this point.

This is the most broke I have been since I grew the fuck up and it kind of blows.

I believe this is the main source of my lack of focus lately… anxiety and general lack of monies have not been conducive to writing Chop’s Guide.

I feel as though I am much farther away from my goal than I ever was and it is a bit embarrassing because with the upshot of a social life, I have actually had a couple opportunities to go on dates, but unless it is just cuddling to movies or something cheap, I have to decline.

I am old-fashioned, and if I don’t pay, then I do not go.

I have had a couple cuddle/movie sessions which have been nice, but it is not long after that that I am inevitably ghosted… as seems to be the SOP for me.

image95I ease the pain by reminding myself that these girls would probably not travel with me anyway, so it is probably for the best.

Emotional Walls and Hookers.

More posts to come, I hope you will keep reading even though I am a slacker who has not been putting out much content recently.

As always, please like and share all of Chop’s Guides, it is easy to do and may help me realize my dream of Long-Term World Travel.

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