Howdy y’all,

I found out that in our very own Springfield, Missouri there is something we call Ozarks BACON FEST!

I never knew there was such a monster but apparently it has been going on for the last 4 years.

My honkey AJ told me about it a few days ago and asked if I would like to go.

He gave me plenty of notice as this festival of Beer, Bourbon and Bacon doesn’t kick off until 29 October.

FS-0176-1024x824I can live without the beer and the bourbon but the bacon part of bacon fest sounds mighty snazztastic.

You have to be 21 to get in the doors so the child punting competition will not have to take place, this is both a blessing and a letdown.

The tickets are $25 for cheap fuckers like me which will allow you samples of Bacon and bacon infused and inspired foods, local and local and regional beers and spirits

You can also pay $40 for VIP which lets you in an hour before the peasants and you get a bacon fest related gift and discounts on all t-shirts.

Apparently, there is only so much you can do with bacon so Bacon Fest is only a 4-hour event (3 hours for peasants).

The schedule of which is as follows:

11am – VIP Doors OPEN

11am till Noon – VIP hour – Live Music and early entry into all the Bacony Goodness!

NOON – Regular Admission doors openGP_131016_05696

Noon till 1pm – Live Music (artist TBA)

1pm till 1:30pm – Bacon Eating Contest

1:30pm till 3pm – Live Music (artist TBA)

3pm – Ozarks Bacon Fest comes to an end.
There will be several Suppliers who will be attending the Bacon Fest:

Panera Bread: Fuck Panera Bread… honestly their food is good but I have an old grudge and I have a hard time getting over grudges.

Redneck Nutz: They package nuts, unless they have peanut butter, I am not interested.

Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub and Restaurant: Now we are speaking my language. No lamb dishes but a good looking menu.

Burgers’ Smokehouse: Never been to one but it looks good.

Brooks Cooks In-Home Gourmet: This guy comes to your house and cooks for you, so it is very local and a kind of cool idea. I assume he has a bigger menu than what he shows on his page but it looks good.


Fuck this… there are a bunch… see them here!

There will be a bunch of vendors there also!

The one that makes me ashamed will be MOBEARDS… because I miss my beard.

This festival of pork does not look exceptionally fun but it looks 31 flavors of tasty.

I may have to take a day off work and partake in this feast.

It would be fun to hang out with AJ, a brother in blue and the Sheriff Elect also.

Want to go to Bacon Fest with me?





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