What Happens Next?


Howdy Y’all,

As of writing this, via the electoral votes, Killary has 218 (which blows my mind in and of itself) and Trump has 266 with 85% being counted.

Scratch that Trump just jumped to 276 which should mean that he just won the presidency.

I did not expect that.

I fully expected Killary to find some way to weasel into office.

Upon the announcement, I felt a sense of relief that we are not so far gone as a country to let that cancerous bitch into the highest office in our country but then I felt a sense of panic as the alternative was Donald Trump.

Trump is better than the alternative but not by much.

If he sticks to the things he said on the campaign trail, he may actually turn out to be a decent president but I do not think he will ever be considered great.

Trump is FAR too pro-government and if the entire country wasn’t stuck on stupid with the two-party system, even Gary Johnson, whom I also do not care for, would have probably done a slightly better job.

Now I know that every liberal in the land will be blasting him from day one but what I am here to say is that you should too.

Do NOT get lazy just because Hillary lost, this is just the beginning of a fight and every single person who leans conservative should hold Trump’s feet to the coals, hold him to an even higher standard than we held his predecessor and smoke him every time he puts a foot wrong.

He is not great but he is what we have and he is better than the alternative.

DO NOT stop fighting, DO NOT become complacent.

He may erode our freedoms slower than Killary would have and may even unburden us some from the yoke of Obamao, but he will still erode them, of that, I have no doubt.

Please stay on top of things and keep your fervor so, no matter how this presidency goes, we will never be in this kind of catastrophe again because we, the citizenry and not the government, have made this country a better place.


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