Falling In and Out of Love with Barry


“From: Barry Bagerneth < bbagerneth@yahoo.com >
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: HAVE A GREAT DAY
To: mr.musa-oumar02@hotmail.fr
Date: Thursday, July 16, 2009, 8:36 AM.

Once again, I am sorry for continually bugging you…but I have to get something off my chest that I fear would have damaged our future relationship if left unsaid, so here it goes.

I have no friends, except for the gentleman that sells me drugs…if not for him and Olga, if I can keep her working here, I fear she is going to quit over my testicle ordeal, I would have no one to talk to at all. But then you came along, almost like and angel from above…which begs the question. Were we meant for each other?

Now, for the longest time, I looked at the gay community with hatred and discontent, and thought that it was going to eventually be the downfall of the free world until your name popped up on my screen and into my heart, hopefully for the long run. I have been alone for so long, and now feel in my heart, and sometimes in my underwear (giggle), that you were meant for me. So, I beg of you, please send me pictures of you in all elements: the wind in your hair, top down on the car, Speedos riding up your butt crack on a beach, holding a turkey leg in one hand and your man rod in the other, sitting on a bicycle with no seat attached, etc…Everything you can think of. I will anxiously await the pictures, and can only fantasize as of now of how you look, but don’t worry, the fantasies are very good, and I am reaming your butt hole out like no one’s business. Man, I am glad I got that off my chest, and hope to one day put something of mine on your chest (more giggles). I can’t wait to hear from you, my future love tiger.

Yours now, forever,

Barry Bagerneth”

“From: Barry Bagerneth < bbagerneth@yahoo.com >

Subject: Re: Fw: Re: HAVE A GREAT DAY
To: mr.musa-oumar02@hotmail.fr
Date: Thursday, July 16, 2009, 11:39 PM

I have not heard from you in what feels like so long now, I hope you are still alive. You came into my life and heart like a meteor and now are nowhere to be found. Were you just teasing my sphincter and taint? It has been aching for the past 48 hours thinking of you and is not because of my once basketball sized right nut sack. Now, I feel like you were just teasing me, not only about a massive amount of money but with my feelings. Either tell me what you want from me, or I may be on the next thing smoking to Burkina Faso to get a face to face with you and have you explain to me why you did this…and trust me, it would not be pleasant. As short as I am and as tall and handsome as I imagine you are, I would play with your balls like a punching bag if you pissed me off. Or, if you were the man I thought you once were, I could be knee deep in cash with your balls tickling my chin…. give me just a minute, I have to finish pleasuring myself after that thought….

Sorry, the keys seem sticky…but damn it was worth it…. you better not be messing with me, or I am going to screw you up…I need the money and your love juice…. you better get back to me quick.

Growing angry,

Barry “The Bully” Bagerneth”maxresdefault

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